After the beginning of chaos and the end of abandonment of the canthus

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In the brief plot of Tiandao, perhaps the image of the last big fat man of the original owner was blackened too much under the operation of Ska, so Brook, who had obviously moved on and abandoned the original owner at this stage, did not have much regret, so his relationship with Ska did n

In the brief plot of Tiandao, perhaps the image of the last big fat man of the original owner was blackened too much under the operation of Ska, so Brook, who had obviously moved on and abandoned the original owner at this stage, did not have much regret, so his relationship with Ska did not appear too much crisis. Now, he has not only returned to the public's attention, but also performed well in all aspects. Of course, in terms of charm and temperament, he is certainly not better than Skanen, which has shaken Brook's mood and led to an emotional crisis between Skanen and the real attacker. But, ah, Oledo sighed deeply, although he had already been psychologically prepared for the answer, but when the answer really came, he still had a moment of frustration and depression. If let him just revenge Ska, he has ten thousand ways to beat him to the bottom of his life, looking for teeth all over the ground, can no longer turn over, even the plus point of the love of another Brooke revenge together without any problem. But now the question is, how to not offend this side of the world on the basis of heaven, revenge a Su Shuangwen's male lead, but also can not disturb the interest of heaven?! Not only let the original owner have a sense of revenge,die cast light housing, but also let the man of heaven all the way to the end of Su Shuang, this is really a century of problems. As a result, Oledo, who kept a serious expression and thought about countermeasures, decisively forgot the episode of being forcibly kissed on his way back. As soon as he returned to the villa, he threw himself into the embrace of the feast that Abe and Jude had prepared for him. Because they saw the seriousness of Oledo on his way back, they mistakenly thought that Oledo did not want to mention Manuel more, so they wanted to press the topic together. Manuel, who was still waiting for Oledo's reply on Starnet,Investment casting parts, said:.. Does my kiss really have no sense of existence? That night, with inexplicable doubts, Manuel lost sleep deeply. In the early morning of the next day, a puzzled Manuel dialed the video of Lieutenant Alfonso. He looked at the man with peach blossom eyes on the opposite side of the video, who had a suspicious smile on his mouth and shook his shoulders from time to time. His dark eyes narrowed mercilessly: "Is it me you are laughing at?" The chill hit Alfonso through the video screen, causing him to shrink his legs and tighten his chrysanthemums. He quickly wiped the suspicious moisture from the corners of his eyes, stood at attention and saluted, "No, sir." Manuel fiddled with the metal ball and his eyes flashed. "I want to hear the truth." Alfonso: … Puff! Ha ha ha! Manuel, you're killing me! Tell me first, did you confess your identity to him? Manuel thought for a moment, but Oledo did not recognize himself all the time and shook his head. Alfonso: … Silent laughter beat the thigh, if there is a real intention to kill under the gaze, almost laughed out of breath. After a while, when he finally recovered from the smile, he wiped away his tears and said, Steel investment casting ,metal stamping parts, "According to what you said, he doesn't know what you look like now. As a stranger, you hug people directly and start to kiss them forcibly. He doesn't regard you as sex.". Love crazy beat you. It's all your good fortune, not to mention forgiveness. He paused, suddenly remembered something, and began a new wave of laughter, "Well, I forgot, that poor Oledo did resist, but did not resist you, but also let you drag people's buttocks patted a few times, ha." Manuel was puzzled to turn over the book of love in his hand, compared with the memory of hundreds of worlds, and hesitated: "I remember that many people around me have told me that when lovers quarrel, there is nothing that can't be solved by one gun. If it can't be solved by one gun, then do two guns." Alfonso: … He continued to laugh silently and beat his thigh. "Yes, you also said that they were lovers, but you were not lovers in essence.". According to your initial statement, you haven't even been together at all, so are you moving too fast?! Ahahahaha, I'm so stupid. Manuel stretched out the tip of his tongue and licked his lips, which were still a little numb, and looked at Alfonso, who was talking about opening the chatterbox attribute to his heart's content. Alfonso's appearance tends to be gorgeous, his mental body is a colorful spider, because of his beautiful facial features, skilled technology and eloquent sweet words, these years, he has no fewer suitors behind him. And, most importantly, even though all of Alfonso's fans know about his philandering personality, it's amazing that they still keep paying for him like moths to the flame. It was because of his extraordinary pride in love that Manuel chose him as his dog-headed strategist in pursuit of his partner. He listened patiently to Alfonso again. After laughing for a long time, he looked up in silence. "So what do you think we should do?" "What to do?" Speaking of his area of expertise, Alfonso's eyes shine. "First of all, you have to cater to his preferences. I remember you said that Oledo loves to eat and can eat very much.". After that, you can take the food offensive and catch his weakness with food. Perhaps because Alfonso is now far away from Manuel, he does not have to worry about Manuel's suppression of him by force, so he is now very open, and his words are full of heartfelt contempt for Manuel's EQ value. Once he opened the conversation box, he began to talk endlessly, which benefited Manuel, who had been fighting violence with violence and breaking the situation with strength. Although he is still dubious about many of Alfonso's suggestions, this will not prevent him from trying. More than three hours later, when Alfonso finally came to an end, contented with a glass of water to moisten his throat, and still a little more than enough, Manuel Shiran put down his record pen: "I heard that you are also on vacation, with the guide you recently brought?" "Ah, yes, it's rare to have a vacation. Blue sky, beauty and singing are indispensable." Alfonso played comfortably with the vermilion coral reef ornament at hand, suddenly remembered that the color was the same as that of Manuel's lip gloss in the daytime today,metal stamping parts, and shook his shoulders and giggled. Manuel's lips turned up. "In that case, I'll make one more application and temporarily lend you to me as a mobile patrol officer." Alfonso, whose body suddenly froze: "…" 。