What is OSRS Gold?

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OSRS Money Making Guide - How To Earn OSRS Gold Fast and Easy?

runescape gold(Old School RuneScape Gold) is a digital in-game item that is part of the game Old School Runescape. OSRS Gold accumulates as coins inside the inventory of the player. A player can hold an maximum of 2,147.483.647 coins at any one time. OSRS Gold is used to increase the level of the character's skill or buy virtual items such as cosmetic hats, swords and armor.


You might feel overwhelmed as you begin your journey as a brand new Runescape player. You have the option of choosing from 23 different skill sets. Explore the world of legends. With a myriad of creatures to hunt, it's not a surprise that first-time players often fall off the sloping path to riches.


Plus, with the highly sought-after OSRS Mobile son the horizon, Lumbridges cow fields will be jammed like a PK'ers looting bag yet again. So, the standard OSRS methods of earning money like collecting feathers spinning flax, spinning spindles and tanning hides will likely slash your earnings to pieces Oh!


You can sell osrs gold and enjoy a wealth boost instantly But you also have the option to read this article and learn how to implement simple strategies without spending a dime.


The best part is that you don't have to search your way through hundreds of Reddit articles, guides, or Youtube videos to earn a serious amount of money in Old School Runescape. We've taken care of the training for strength for you! Go through it...


We've drawn on the experience of Runescape veterans who are using this OSRS guide to make money and earn millions of GP every day. Yes, the same strategies that allow you to quickly build long-term and short-term wealth in OSRS. Afterall, you probably want to quickly level up, own top tier gear and truly have fun playing, do you not?


Bellow you will find three methods to get rid of gold without requiring any qualifications.


OSRS Money Making Guide

1. Looting: The Spoils of War


If you're new to Gielinor the game, obtaining quick cash to fund your journey might appear like a feat by itself. Looting supplies from other players who live in high-traffic player vs. players (PVP), areas, can be a great way to acquire gold, both for new and seasoned adventurers.


What is looting? How do I go about committing it?

At its core, looting is the process of grabbing the scavenged items leftover from PVP battle. Particular areas and worlds within the game are designated PVP zones. In these zones, players fight by using magic, melee and range in order to reap the rewards of their defeated foe. This is usually their weapon as well as armor and supplies.


Your inventory only has 28 spaces. That means the bulk of your loot will never be picked up. So items left on the floor will be removed from game if they'ren't picked up by players who are envious of money.


Are you looking to find free treasures in this area?


When a player kisses the floor after a fatal KO blow, stay where they are and wait.


The winner is likely to take the prize they'd like, and leave the rest. Take a look. You'll be able to sell your gold-plated hot tickets within a matter of minutes. The question is, where's the best place to find gold?


Check out these hot spots for looting


Cities that are populous within PVP worlds (Varrock, Edgeville, Seers Village)

Deep Wilderness Teleport locations

Edgeville Bounty Hunter Minigame

Revenant Caves

It doesn't matter if you're an OSRS veteran or a 15 year old newbie. Try this method of making money in OSRS a shot. You'd be surprised how easy and fast this no-requirement cash-making technique is regardless of Runescape prior experience.


2. Item Flipping: Reinvest for Long-Term Success


Imagine yourself standing next to the massive pillars of Varrocks Grand Exchange (GE).


People are talking. Your most powerful weapon is in your hands. You are wearing your most stylish pair of boots to finish your outfit. An unassuming player trades you in for 50 million dollars and appears to have just discovered the 3rd Age and is solving a tricky puzzle.


You ask yourself "how can they possibly have all that glistening gold? !"


Sometimes in OSRS, to make money, you'll need to have money. And while there is an array of resources to plunge into, an effective method to earn a large amount of long-term gold is flipping things using the GE.


What is Flipping and How Can I Profit?

Flipping items is simply the art of purchasing items at a low price and selling at a premium. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? It's the way that merchants operate in the real world. You can sell things of high value, such as the dragon's claws (or 1,000 lobsters), or those that are available in large numbers.


Imagine selling the entire load of lobsters which were caged. Here's how you can make money by using price margins


Buy one lobster and find its price of sale.

Sell the lobster for its purchase price (141 GP)

Add the numbers together to determine the profit margin (10 GP for each lobster).

What are you doing to profit from these lucrative margins?


Offer a huge amount and purchase a significant amount (1000plus) of lobster for 131 GP each. After you've paid, throw them in the GE at 141 GP for each lobster. Now wait...or take advantage of more items while you wait!


It's soon possible to sell your lobsters and earn 10k+ with no requirements. Imagine how quickly you will gain gold when you grow to 10,000 lobsters... The best is that this method can be used as an opportunity to earn money for free in OSRS.


Are you looking for a deeper explanation of? To enhance your OSRS earning game, watch the following video.


3. The Best Way to Buy OSRS Gold What You Need to Know


So far you've learned two profitable ways to create short-term and long-term OSRS gold.


This isn't bad at all. However, these methods may still swallow your time like 99 slayer, yikes!


Remember the low-level guy from GE? Yes, the one who wore the number 50 million. He's back. This time, he is looking forward to showing off his 200M gold collection and he does so by yelling a jolly "lul".


You shouldn't be able to trust him, as there is a good chance that he didn't make that much money taking seven armadyl Godswords, or runecrafting at 99 on the nature altar. Instead, he bought gold from a reliable source.


What to Look for in the Gold Supplier of your Runescape Gold Supplier

You might want to do some study (not the kind that causes stress) prior to buying or sell Old School Runescape gold. All you need is the basic information for a better gold buying experience.


Some suppliers will promise you the cheapest price on RS3 gold or OSRS Gold. Other suppliers offer the fastest delivery time within Gielinor. Two important aspects. If you're looking for an insider's guide on how to spot scammers from professional in the field of gold buying/selling sites, then go through the article.




Here it is ladies and gentlemen, three ways to make gold even if you're an absolute novice without stats. Are these the only methods to make money on Old School Runescape? No way. If you're looking to begin your business quickly and efficiently it is possible to do so.


As you've likely guessed, OSRS is an epic journey of whatever you make it. This game tests your abilities, knowledge, and luck, no matter if you're a seasoned player, a newbie or an every day hustler.


It's important to have an enduring foundation of gold. If you're looking to climb up the ranks quickly efficiently, but also have fun. When you have an enormous pile of OSRS gold to be rubbing between your pixel fingers, the thrill of a thrilling adventure is truly unforgettable!