Advanced Automatic Rigid Box Maker

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Advanced AutomAdvanced Automatic Rigid Box MakerAdvanced Automatic Rigid Box Makeratic Rigid Box Maker

Advanced Automatic Rigid Box Maker The automatic wine box forming machine produced by our company adopts the segmented vertical double mode connecting mechanism. The so-called segmented structure is the use of face paper automatic gluing and industrial cardboard automatic positioning mechanism and molding mechanism can be freely switched between the four wrapping shell mechanism, this structure can achieve the effect of one machine, but also can give full play to the performance of the automatic positioning machine. System Composition Product name: Automatic rigid box maker (automatic wine machine/wine box production line) Model: AJB540A 1. Main accessories PLC system: Japan Omron PLC system Electrical components: France SCHENIDER Pneumatic components: Japan SMC Ultrasonic double paper test: German PEPPERL FUCHS Conveyor belt: Switzerland HABASIT Servo motor: Japan YASKAWA Timing belt: German CONTIECH Vacuum pump: Japan ORION 2. Functional features (1) Glue section of paper: 鈼?Full pneumatic feeder: Simple structure, convenient operation, novel design, PLC control, accurate action (in the domestic is the first, is our company's invention patent). 鈼?Paper conveying adopts ultrasonic double sheet detection device. 鈼?The paper rectifying device ensures that the paper is not offset after gluing. 鈼?The upper cots are all made of stainless steel chrome-plated rollers with fine grinding, and the wire contact scraper is more durable. 鈼?The rubber barrel has constant temperature heating, filtering, circulating glue, and automatic mixing device, can quickly change the valve, cots cleaning only 3-5 minutes. 鈼?Optional: Glue viscometer, can always control the glue viscosity. (2) Cardboard conveying department: 鈼?Cardboard conveying adopts the bottom extraction structure, in the case of machine non-stop, can add cardboard at any time. 鈼?When the paperboard conveying is short, there is an automatic detection device (when several paperboard are sent at the same time, one or more paperboard are missing, the machine will stop and alarm). (3) Position fitting part: 鈼?The surface paper conveyor adopts servo motor drive, high precision photoelectric positioning. 鈼?The conveyor belt is equipped with a high-power suction fan, so that the face paper can be smoothly adsorbed on the conveyor bel. 鈼?Cardboard conveyor adopts double servo motor transmission, double photoelectric positioning. 鈼?Online action is controlled by PLC. 鈼?A pre-pressing roller is arranged above the conveyor belt to keep the cardboard and face paper in the fold before the first fit. (4) One side hem: 鈼?The conveyor belt is seamlessly connected with the folding part of the cover machine. 鈼?Pressing cylinder firmly adhesive cardboard and face paper, the bottom conveyor belt suction fixed cardboard and face paper position, reduce offset. 鈼?Three sides are wrapped by mold, which is tight and bubble free. (5) Wine box molding part: 鈼?The rotating cylinder is used to attract the bottom plate and transport it to the mold. The cylinder on the mold firmly attracts the bottom plate to reduce the error caused by the deformation of the bottom plate. 鈼?Automatically insert the bottom plate, fold the bottom and insert the tongue. (6) Pressure bubble part: 鈼?Automatically transfer the carton to the foaming station. 鈼?Using big cylinder five side pressing, inflating mold, effective removal of bubbles. 鈼?The finished products are automatically demoulded and sent out of the machine in an orderly manner. Technical Parameters Glue positioning line parameters: Paper size (A脳B)MIN: 130脳230mm MAX: 570脳1030mm Paper thickness100~200g/銕?/p Cardboard thickness (T)1~3mm Cardboard size (C脳D)Min: 100脳200mm Max: 540脳1000mm Cardboard qty.6pieces Precision卤0.1mm Speed鈮?0pcs/min Maximum stacking height of cardboard220mm Maximum stacking height of paper280mm Capacity of the glue bucket60L Machine dimensionL6000脳W2300脳H1700mm Machine weight2200kg Automatic rigid box maker parameters: Maximum paper size640 X500 mm Minimum paper size320 X240 mm Maximum board size640 X320 mm Minimum board size320 X200 mm Maximum box size160X160X320mm Minimum box size100X100X200mm paper thickness110-300g/銕?/p Cardboard thickness1-3mm Speed18-20sheets/min Machine dimensionL10000*W2250*H1950mm Machine weight2600kg Folding size15-30mm paper alignment accuracy卤0.1mm Card alignment accuracy卤0.5mm Rigid box pressing machine parameters: Maximum box size180X180X380mm Minimum box size90X90X180mm Speed22-25pcs/min Machine dimensionL1600脳W850脳H1600mm Machine weight650kg Note: 鈼?The actual running speed of the machine is related to the size of the carton, the quality of the material and the proficiency of the operator. Sample display: Production flow diagram: Purchasing Instructions 1. Foundation requirements The machine should be installed on a flat and firm ground to ensure that the ground has enough bearing capacity (about 300kg/銕?. There should be enough space for operation and maintenance around the machine. 2. Machine dimension 3. Environmental conditions 鈼?Temperature: ambient temperature must be kept at about 18-24掳C (air conditioning devices are required in summer) 鈼?Humidity: The ambient humidity should be about 50%-60% 鈼?Lighting: above 300LUX to ensure the normal operation of the photoelectric components 鈼?Keep away from oil and gas, chemicals, acid, alkaline and explosive or combustible materials 鈼?Keep away from oil and gas, chemicals, acid, alkaline and explosive or combustible materials 鈼?Avoid direct sunlight 鈼?Avoid direct fan blowing 4. Material requirements 鈼?paper, cardboard must be kept flat, do the necessary moisture and wind dry measures銆?/p 鈼?Paper coated must carry out double-sided electrostatic treatment 鈼?The board slitting error should be controlled within 卤0.20mm 5. The color of the adhesive surface on the face paper and the conveyor belt (black) is close to or the same, black and white conveyor belt can be selected 6. Power supply requirements: three-phase 380V/50Hz voltage 7. Air source: 6atmospheres(atmospheric pressure). Poor air quality is the main reason for the failure of pneumatic system, which will greatly reduce the reliability and service life of the pneumatic system, and the resulting loss will greatly exceed the cost and maintenance cost of the air source treatment device. Therefore, it is very important to correctly configure the air source treatment system and its components. The following air purification treatment schemes are available for reference (prepared by the user): 鈼?Air compressor referred to as air compressor, it is not the standard parts of the machine, the machine does not provide air compressor when leaving the factory, by the customer's own order. 鈼?Function of gas storage tank (capacity 1m3, atmospheric pressure 0.6MPa): a. High temperature gas from the air compressor can be condensed through the gas storage tank. b. Maintain the pressure stability of the rear actuator using pneumatic components. 鈼?The purpose of the filter is to remove oil, water and dust in the compressed air, so as to improve the efficiency of the downstream dryer and extend the service time of the precision filter and dryer. 鈼?Function of refrigerated air dryer: remove moisture in compressed air after compressed air is processed by cooler, oil-water separator, gas tank, pipe passing filter and so on. 鈼?The role of the oil mist separator: further out after the cold dryer treatment of the compressed air moisture. 8. Staffing: In order to ensure man-machine safety, and give full play to its performance, reduce faults, prolong service life, it is necessary to equip with dedicated, capable and have a certain mechanical equipment operation, maintenance ability of personnel 2-3. 9. Supporting materials 鈼?Glue: animal glue (jelly glue, gel gel), specification: high speed and fast drying type. Automatic rigid box maker dimension drawing ModelZR-AJB540 Automatic rigid box maker configuration table Main accessories and origin NumberNameoriginBrandNumberNameoriginBrand 1PLC systemTaiwanTaida8Frequency ConverterTaiwanTaida 2Transmission systemTaiwanIntime9Pneumatic componentsJapanSMC 3Low voltage electricFranceFrance SCHENIDER10Conveyor BeltSwitzerlandHABASIT 4photoelectric elementGermanyLeuze11BearingsJapanNSK/IKO 5robotJapanYamaha12gumming roller Stainless steel chrome plating 6visual systemGerman Basles camera + Japanese VST lens13Gear motorTaiwanChengBang 7Servo motorTaiwanTaida14Other accessories ORION vacuum pump Features 1 Feeder push back transmission2 Core of the stack and the paper platform are adjusted concentrically3 Copper scraper prevents paper from rolling 4 Conveyor belt vacuum suction surface paper is not offset5 White glue hot melt adhesive dual use system6 PLC control, photoelectric tracking system 7 Manipulator three visual positioning8 Rotary four-station module is fasterAdvanced Automatic Rigid Box Maker website: