Magnetic Grill

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MagnMagnetic GrillMagnetic GrillMagnetic GrillMagnetic Grilletic Grill

Magnetic Grill Xiamen Magnetic Clear Industry Co., Ltd Our Factory MCI is located in Xiamen, a city in the south of China, where is international port city, which makes it easier for us to serve our customers all over the world. MCI has a well-established and stable network of high-quality suppliers for magnetic products, Especially magnetic rods, magnetic grids, NdFeB magnets, Alnico magnets, SmCo magnets, etc. which allows us to guarantee the speed of delivery of orders and the quality of our products. It is our mission to provide timely and effective service to our customers. Our History Magnetic Clear Industry company was established in 2020. The company is dedicated to the development and production of magnetic filtration equipment, NdFeB magnets, Alnico and SmCo magnets and other magnetic products. With fast delivery times and consistent quality, the company has quickly gained a leading position in the industry. Magnetic Clear Industry company Products includes the following 1. Magnetic rods 2. Magnetic grids 3. NdFeB magnets 4. Alnico magnets 5. SmCo magnets 6. Magnetic assembly 7. Magnetic separators 8. Magnetic plates, magnetic rollers We supply NdFeB magnets and SmCo magnets as key components of our products to manufacturers and traders of magnetic separators worldwide, as well as magnetic rods, magnetic grids and ducted magnetic separators to end customers. We are recognized by our customers for our fast delivery times and consistent product quality.Magnetic Grill website: