Back to Primitive Society as a Chief

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Song Zan shook his head. Just as he was about to speak,

Song Zan shook his head. Just as he was about to speak, he seemed to remember something. Suddenly he pointed his finger at the thief and asked, "Father, you want to avenge your son. This is the guy who wants to kill him.". If it wasn't for Ah Hu, he would have been killed. At this time, Songzan looked like he had been wronged and was looking for a snitch from the head of the family. He could hear clearly just now that the thief called his father the patriarch. So to calculate, Ji thief must be Frost Valley clan, but, I can not think of is, Frost Valley tribe, when out of such a number one figure? How long have you been away. When Songzan's words fell, the fat elder and other senior officials of Frost Valley were all shocked: "What did you say, Lord Songzan?"? The warrior wants to kill you! The sorceress also looked embarrassed and said, "Brother Songzan, did you misunderstand? How could a warrior kill you?" Song Zan looked at the witch, his face naturally showing a pleasant expression, but his tone, but still as before: "Misunderstanding?"? How can I misunderstand? If you don't believe me, you will know if you ask us. In front of so many people, that boy shows no mercy at all! When Ah Jie heard this, he shouted abuse: "Fart, why didn't the warrior count in his heart?" A Niu and a Liang also came out and agreed with a Jie, saying, "Yes,Agate Stone Price, Lord Songzan, the warrior will not be targeted for no reason." When Song Zan heard this, he blushed and waited for Ah Niu and Ah Liang to say, "What are you two?"? Is there a place for children to talk here! And a Niu, whose brother was stabbed by that bastard, did not know if he could survive, but even spoke for him. A Niu and a Liang could not help frowning. Brother Songzan, this, a Niu and a Liang are right,Granite Slab Supplier, there must be a misunderstanding in the middle. Snow also came out, submissive. Song Zan didn't give Xue a good look: "Ah Hu's wound is solid. Will I cheat you?"? If I hadn't asked the monkey to inform them of my return earlier, all they would see now would be my body. The old patriarch's face turned livid at this moment. His son, whom he had not seen for a long time, was almost killed, and it was Ji who did it. Rao Ji Thief has made such a great contribution to the Frost Valley tribe, but for the old patriarch who is his father, he is still a little angry. Had it not been for the little reason left in his heart to keep the old patriarch awake, he would have burst out on the spot. Since ancient times, scolding the father to the son and killing the son to the father are the most intolerable things in the world. It is very rare for the old patriarch to keep calm. Warrior, Song Zan, is what he said true? The old patriarch suppressed his anger and tried to calm his tone. He wants an explanation, wants Ji thief to give oneself an explanation, even if is deceives oneself, the old patriarch will believe. However, without waiting for Ji to speak, the six patriarchs could not bear to watch it first. Cangsong patriarch, Artificial Marble Slabs ,White Marble Slabs, is really an old fool ah, warriors who do not know? Would he have killed his son for no reason? When the old patriarch heard this, he was stupefied. He looked at the six patriarchs and said with some displeasure, "Why do you say that?" Chief Lin snorted, "I only asked the warrior if he killed his son, but why didn't you ask the warrior why he killed his son?" The old patriarch froze for a moment and said yes. He looked up at the thief. "Warrior, can you say something?" "Don't believe him, Father," said Songzan hurriedly. Ji Thief pursed his lips and stuck the iron spear upside down on the ground. "Patriarch, didn't I give me a chance to say something from beginning to end?" Ji thief's words, let the old patriarch do not know how to pick up. Yes, at the beginning, I was only concerned about reuniting with my son. Later, when I heard that Songzan had almost been killed by the Ji thief, I almost couldn't keep calm. What did the Ji thief say? Taking a deep breath, the old patriarch stepped forward and said, "I'm sorry, warrior. I apologize for that. Now, can you tell me the reason?" Seeing his father apologize to Ji, Song Zan was stunned and asked in a panic, "Father, father, how can you apologize to him? You are the patriarch.". ” The old patriarch frowned back and shouted, "Shut up." Songzan was his father to drink this to shut his mouth, er, can only be all the resentment of the eyes are scattered on the Ji thief. Ji Thief patted the blade-toothed tiger, indicating that it was all right. Only then did the latter recover from the state of grinning, and at the same time he rubbed his head against Ji's thigh. Lord Patriarch, you only know that I want to kill Lord Songzan, but you don't know why I did it. Ji thief way. The old patriarch's heart sank. First of all, I asked Ajie to escort the daughters of several patriarchs back to our tribe. On the way, Lord Songzan came out and robbed the daughters of several patriarchs, and wounded Ajie and his escort team. I came back desperately to save people, if not for the help of the blade tooth tiger, I died in the hands of Lord Songzan. Plus I don't know the identity of Lord Songzan, under the struggle of life and death, does the patriarch think that only when I give up resistance is it normal? Ji thief simple words, directly to the whole matter of the context are clear. "Besides, if it weren't for Chief Cangsong, your son, the White Fox Alliance, would have been disintegrated by the warriors now. It was because your son robbed our daughter that the warriors had to give up the great opportunity and come back to save people!" Ji thief pursed his lips and did not speak, in fact, in his mind, no matter Songzan robbed the daughter of several patriarchs, white fox alliance, he will find the opportunity to let them go, after all, this is related to the trade plan can be carried out smoothly. The old patriarch also knew this reason, but the old patriarch could not but pay attention to the matter of Songzan's plundering of several patriarch's daughters. The Federation was finally established, and if the Federation broke down because of his son's extraordinary actions, then the Frost Valley tribe, which had a tendency to develop with great difficulty,Marble Granite Price, would collapse completely before it started. In this way, the frost valley tribe wasted a lot of time, will be destroyed in a moment.