Rose in the flourishing age

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“…… It used to be all keyboard operation, and no matter how disgusting it was,

“…… It used to be all keyboard operation, and no matter how disgusting it was, it would not have such a direct feeling. "She glanced at him plaintively." What kind of monster is this? " The reason why I chatted with him so calmly was that the Hulk had gone back in the direction of the storm with a ferocious look, and it was estimated that the man who attacked it was there. Forest dark ghost, BOSS attribute, generally drop some small equipment or something. Tang Yifan leisurely took her by-the default rules in online games, there is a team to play first BOSS, generally others will avoid repeated attacks-in case they accidentally get MVP, or the final blow to themselves, people on both sides will certainly have a dispute. Not knowing what was going on over there, she stole a glance and saw a regiment fighting there. Rush in the front is a hunter, with a trap to trap the dark ghost of the forest, then directly in the series of beads crossbow attack,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, BOSS overhead damage value is amazing numbers. Standing at the back of the team are two priests and a wizard, the wizard used ice to freeze the space around BOSS with a trap so that BOSS can not move. The dark ghost of the forest cried out, and the steel needles on his body shot at them one after another. Priests, on the other hand, are addicted to the barrier of long-range attack on the feet of their teammates, so that most of the steel needles hit the protective wall and are unable to fall. What a powerful cooperation. With the experience of playing games in Jianjia,Planetary Gear Motor, naturally I will not say that this BOSS is really weak. In her opinion, that BOSS can not die under such a large amount of continuous damage, which is enough to show that the level is very high-usually BOSS's health and attack are proportional. Uh Tang Yifan also stopped to watch. "This is the professional BOSS team of our trade union." He saw the same logo and several familiar faces. The continuous high blood loss finally made BOSS crazy. Fragile congealing ice has no binding effect in front of the BOSS of crazy literature. It disintegrates in an instant. After the forest ghost rushes out of the trap, it rushes directly at the group of people. The poor frail sorcerer was struggling to keep up the long spell, and with less speed than the hunter, he became the first to be seriously wounded. When there is a person with mobility problems in the team, the whole speed is constrained. Two priests and one hunter are not enough to deal with the mad forest ghost-at least that's what Jianjia thinks. But things have turned around. One of the female priests was decisive enough to give the male priest an auxiliary skill to reduce the time of chanting the spell after retreating to a safe area. The priest began to chant the sacred incantation of exorcism. This skill should be used in the right place. Exorcism is one of the only skills in the priest class to deal with the undead and demons. With the undead attribute of the dark ghost in the forest, it is just right. The hunter took the opportunity to make up a piercing arrow to the seriously injured forest ghost. The huge scarlet letter jumped out, and the dark forest ghost fell to the ground. Sporadic pieces of equipment that fell all over the floor. Chapter III Since they were members of the same trade union, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,Small Dc Gear Motor, they had to be dragged out to introduce each other. When Tang Yifan pointed to the female priest and said, "This is Rouge Moon, the strongest priest in our guild." Jia Jia then buffered for two seconds, thinking that it was this Rouge moon. Beautiful features, but the appearance of the system after the correction still can not hide her deep resistance to the meaning of Jianjia exploration. After all, everyone in the game said that it was Tang Yifan's "gossip girlfriend". Thinking of this, she turned her head and gave a simple and harmless smile to Tang Yifan's over-alert expression without warning. Not bad, there is MM. Stop it, I beg you. Of course, the two people will not let others hear each other, but it will clearly make outsiders seem to be flirting. As soon as the Rouge moon eyebrow tip picks, raises a touch of hidden condescending smile to come, "since is the vice president brings in, we certainly will take good care of." He opened his backpack casually and took out a few pieces of equipment. "These pieces of equipment dropped by BOSS should be regarded as a gift." Had it not been for Tang Yifan's previous shouts in the trade union chat, she might have thought it was the private property of Rouge Moon and been shocked by her generosity. It's just being generous at the expense of others. Jianjia is haggling under the heart, the mouth is still grateful. Only Tang Yifan, who had grown up with her, knew that the girl's heart must be thinking of some strange idea again. In a cold sweat, he recalled everything that had happened from the beginning to the present, suggesting that he had made a mistake in pulling this strange girl to play the game. He will get the answer much later. After introducing the newlyweds, Yanzhiyue said to Tang Yifan, "Chunfeng went abroad a few days ago and asked me to manage the trade union with you.". A few pieces of equipment in the union warehouse can't always be at the bottom of the box. Let's find a time to allocate them. When Jianjia heard these topics that she did not understand, she naturally lowered her head with a wink to tease the meow in her arms. The Rouge month sees in the eye, in the heart is not not complacent. The mention of the trade union showed that her relationship with the elegant childe was much deeper than the girl could understand. At least there will be much more than this novice can understand. Hunters in the same group called Baibu Chuanyang were much more interested in the cat in Jianjia's arms. "Jianjia, it's not high to catch a kitten as a pet.". If you are an auxiliary profession, you should find a more powerful high-attack pet. He regards Miaomiao as a domesticated pet of an ordinary wild cat. She smiled and carelessly touched Meow's thin ear wings. "Meow is very powerful. I think Meow is the most powerful pet in the game." This is a big truth. But in the eyes of the onlookers, it is "naive" nonsense. Rouge month and elegant childe still pay attention to the dialogue here when discussing, the heart is very disapprovingly. Hundred steps wear Yang is also quite funny, thinking that this MM is a novice after all, a cat can only be a pet, holding in the arms to play. As soon as he thought about it, he summoned his first-level attendant pet,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, the 60-level Water Elemental Spirit Beast. Although it is not as good as the green-eyed dragon from the sky, for most players, the pure element of Warcraft is already a considerable pet.