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"Hm?" Qin Huanhuan looked at Zhan Yuxin. Can I ask you a question. Zhan Yuxin said. Rare to hear Zhan Yuxin speak so politely, Qin Huanhuan raised his eyebrows and asked, "What's the problem?" "You.."

"Hm?" Qin Huanhuan looked at Zhan Yuxin. Can I ask you a question. Zhan Yuxin said. Rare to hear Zhan Yuxin speak so politely, Qin Huanhuan raised his eyebrows and asked, "What's the problem?" "You.." Zhan Yuxin scratched his head and said, "You can't laugh at me." "Mmm." Qin Huanhuan nodded. 1680. No Chapter 1680 the Zombie King 56 raised by the potion doctor. You.. How on earth did my brother treat you so. Gentle. In fact, Zhan Yuxin would like to ask how Qin Huanhuan made Zhan Xinyi so docile to her. Tame your husband well. Zhan Yuxin just wants to consult this method. Qin Huanhuan did not expect Zhan Yuxin to ask this question. Be stupefied, Qin Huanhuan just asks: "Is that captain bad to you?"? Didn't you just get together and he treated you badly? "Shh!" Zhan Yuxin hurriedly covered Qin Huanhuan's mouth. Ah, Qin Huanhuan's voice was so loud that she estimated that her brother would hear it. No, no. Zhan Yuxin pressed his voice and said, "I just feel that my brother is so gentle and warm to you, and he doesn't look like the same person at ordinary times." Qin Huanhuan winked when he heard this. This She doesn't know either. Zhan Xinyi has always been very gentle to her. Qin Huanhuan tangled for a long time, looking at Zhan Yuxin's expectant eyes, Qin Huanhuan felt that it was not good to say nothing. As a sister-in-law, or a good sister-in-law,Coil Nail Making Machine, she seems to be supposed to help her sister-in-law out. After thinking about it, Qin Huanhuan said, "Maybe it's because your brother thinks I'm cute." With that, Qin Huanhuan blinked her big talking eyes. The feeling of being hit by electricity in an instant. Zhan Yuxin looked at Qin Huanhuan and agreed with her in an instant. Looking at Qin Huanhuan's cute appearance, she wanted to jump on a woman to give her a Mada,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, not to mention his brother. So, do men like women to be cute? An idea flashed through Zhan Yuxin's mind, and then slowly took root in his heart. Qin Huanhuan did not know that her casual perfunctory words had almost scared the captain to death. God knows, Zhan Yuxin, who is usually careless, would hold him in his arms and act like a spoiled child, almost scaring his gun out! Of course, this is all for the future. At least now Zhan Yuxin's performance is very normal when she sees her captain. What? Why did she end up acting cute to the captain? Of course, it's because of the abuse of Zhan Xinyi and Qin Huanhuan, a couple who scatter dog food every day as if no one was watching! She also wants her captain to be able to sprinkle dog food with her. A girl poisoned by dog food and tea. After a period of time, Coil nail machine ,Nail machine supplier, Zhan Xinyi finally developed a potion that could keep zombies in human form for a longer time. Now that it has been studied, it must be experimented. Zhan Xinyi has actually been tested on Qin Huanhuan, but Qin Huanhuan inexplicably can maintain her human form, in addition to sometimes the eyes will turn blue, with the human is exactly the same, there is no way to fully test the effect of his medicine. So Zhan Xinyi applied to go out to do experiments with zombies. This is undoubtedly a very dangerous thing. (Of course, this is without Qin Huanhuan in the team.) Zhan Xinyi is a national treasure in the base. He wants to go out to contact zombies directly, of course, the base should attach great importance to it. So, this time with Zhan Xinyi to go out with Zhan Yuxin's captain and that Qin Huanhuan is very annoying. Officer Zheng. Zhan Yuxin's captain has gone, and Zhan Yuxin must also go. And Qin Huanhuan? People thought that Zhan Xinyi loved her so much that he would not take her with him. Unexpectedly, Zhan Xinyi's first proposal was to take Qin Huanhuan with him. 1681. No Chapter 1681 the Zombie King 57 raised by the potion doctor. Nonsense! Take Qin Huanhuan to go, they almost don't have to worry about zombies! Zhan Xinyi has not seen other zombie kings or zombie emperors in this area, that is to say, Qin Huanhuan should be the most important person in this area, oh no, zombies. Therefore, Zhan Xinyi with Qin Huanhuan is not very worried about her safety. On the contrary, Qin Huanhuan a roar, the zombie may immediately come obediently to let him do the experiment. How convenient. Only When everyone set out together, Zhan Xinyi remembered that there were two troubles in their team. Chief Zheng and the captain are really troublesome. If they know the identity of Qin Huanhuan, Qin Huanhuan can be dangerous ah! Even if they don't kill Qin Huanhuan, they certainly won't tolerate Qin Huanhuan going back to the base with them. Be sure not to reveal your identity, okay? Zhan Xinyi went to Qin Huanhuan's side and whispered in her ear. I know. Qin Huanhuan answered. She's not stupid. That officer Zheng is not a good stubble at first sight. She doesn't want to expose herself. Captain:.. He's the most innocent, okay? Before I did anything, I was suddenly rejected by my future brother-in-law. But Will things really go their way? The five of them carried some food and water on their backs and headed straight for the nearest town. But They walked for a while, but they didn't see a zombie. There are no zombies to attack them. What the hell? There were a lot of zombies in this town before! They have been carrying a gun alert, but around the whole town around a circle, but did not see a zombie. Meow? Meow? Everyone is confused. They for fear of zombies do not come over, even the kind of medicine to expel zombies are not sprinkled on the body, unexpectedly no zombies come over. What the hell! The captain's temper is the most explosive,wire nail machine manufacturers, see around a circle did not meet, then burst a foul language. At this time, Zhan Xinyi suddenly turned his head and took a look at Qin Huanhuan. Qin Huanhuan blinked at him with big eyes. 3shardware.com