The flower ate the monster.

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The pain came as promised, but it was not as intense as imagined.

The pain came as promised, but it was not as intense as imagined. Lian Xi half looked up and tears fell down. The next day, the hunter turned around at the gate of Yao Shou and smiled after making sure that there was no girl squatting at the gate. He knocked on the door and saw that there was no movement inside, thinking that they might still be resting. He left the medicine he had forgotten yesterday at the door, together with the food he had brought from the street. Chapter 105 Lianxi was woken up by hunger. She stared at the ceiling for a long time before she was sure that she wasn't dreaming last night, as if all the heat had been consumed yesterday and she didn't want to move now. What are you thinking? Yao Shou hugged her from the back, his voice lowered, with a faint hoarseness and laziness. "Anyway, it's too late to regret now." It's a bit like a child's shameless tone. Lianxi laughed when he heard this and found a comfortable position to lie down: "What do you regret?" Yao Shou did not speak, but clasped Lian Xi's waist and tightened his hand a little. Lianxi actually has a lot to say, but now the atmosphere, what to say is easy to let Yao Shou misunderstand. Yao Shou, I'm hungry. So she just took Yao Shou's hand and counted her fingers to play, "What do you want to eat? I'll cook." Lianxi hungry, of course, have to climb up to cook, let a busy night of injury to cook for her, she is not so hypocritical. But after she got up from Yao Shou's arms, she looked at the clothes scattered on the ground in a daze. It was all right at night, but she continued to meet each other frankly during the day. What little moral integrity she has left is still there. Poof. Yao Shou laughed, Lianxi face has been behind,interactive panels for education, now this is rare, the mind moved, turned over and pressed Lianxi on the bed, "I am hungry, what do you say I eat in the morning?" Looking at Lian Xi, his face turned red with a brush, and the two of them looked at each other. Lian Xi's eyes are shy and embarrassed,interactive boards for classrooms, but also have unspeakable feelings, but there is no resistance or regret that he expected. Yao Shou felt that his blood was surging, and he knew that if the joke went on, it would be him who could not hold it. So he lowered his head and kissed Lianxi's forehead and said softly, "I came here in the morning and put the breakfast at the door. I'll go out and get it back and heat it. You can take a bath and come out to eat." As he spoke, he lifted the quilt and walked down, turned out his clean clothes from the box and put them on, and conveniently put Lianxi's clothes on the side of the bed. Then they picked up their dirty clothes one by one from the ground, piled them in the corner, and went out of the room. Breakfast was served in a thermos box, and when it came out, it was still steaming hot. Meat, bread and porridge are nothing, dairy products and eggs can only be said to be good, and the most valuable thing is a large fruit salad at the bottom. The interstellar wasteland is barren, smartboards for business ,75 smart board, and this breakfast is full of sincerity. He went outside the bathroom and heard the sound of the water inside stop. He waited for a while and said, "Stream, it's time for breakfast." "Coming." Lian Xi came out after taking a bath, his long wet hair wrapped in a towel, stuck behind his head with a clip to prevent water dripping, and his cheeks were suffocated by steam. She's so hungry now that she really doesn't have the patience to wipe her hair, as for the image. Let's finish eating. Yao Shou stopped in front of Lianxi, took a dry towel out again, and said to Lianxi, "Turn around." Lian Xi curled his lips, turned around, the clip was removed, and the long hair over his waist suddenly fell down. She felt Yao Shou start from the scalp, carefully rubbing. The temperature of the interstellar wasteland was not low during the day, and the loose hair did not drip out after wiping for a while. Yao Shou rubbed Lianxi's hair with his hand, and when he was sure that his scalp was almost dry, he let Lianxi go: "Let's go to dinner." Because there are a lot of things, and there is no question of modesty, Lian Xi sat down and filled a bowl of porridge for Yao Shou, and also filled a bowl for himself. Then start directly, break the crude fiber meat into shreds and put it in the porridge. Seeing that the egg was also good, I peeled an egg and put it in. Of course, she only put it for herself. Yao Shou looked at her "mess of porridge", bent the corner of her eye, reached for a piece of bread, and ate it: "In a few days, we will leave Custer and go to Merlin to have a look. ” Merlin is the largest city in the Star Wasteland, and certainly the city of greatest opportunity and danger. OK Lian Xi nodded. She had no problem with that. Even the river's spaceship was in Merlin. "But before I go, I want to see Gudra." Yao Shou took one look at Lianxi and put the pure milk in front of Lianxi, but he didn't ask anything: "I'm going to contact Hunting Sky and let him make an appointment." "Are you curious about what's going on now?" Lian Xi raised his eyebrows. Yao Shou shook his head: "The premise is that you are willing to say." "I just don't know where to start." Lianxi has never had a chance to tell Yao Shou, in fact, there is nothing to hide, there is no need to create unnecessary estrangement between the two. I guess you know something about my brother's temper. Our parents died when we were young, so I grew up with my brother. He was only a few years older than me. He was not an adult at that time. According to federal law, he had no right to raise me. So he dressed me up as a boy and avoided the people of the Flower League in various cities. A half-grown boy, with a child with incomplete IQ, how good can life be? There are not many days when I am full, but there are not many days when I am hungry. Those days were really hard. Lianxi was always locked in a narrow room, looking out at the sunshine through a small window. In her memory, at the intersection at dusk, Lianhe would always take out a sugar that was about to melt from his pocket, stuff it into her mouth, and then magically take out a flower. Later, Lian River grew up slowly, and life gradually improved, but Lian Xi's intelligence stopped at the age of seven forever. She could never read her playmate's face,classroom interactive whiteboard, and the world was still black and white. Lianhe is constantly looking for ways to make up for himself without pairing genes, and no matter what he does, he has never given up.