Don't marry the president.

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"And me, the song flies, last time, I also impulse some,

"And me, the song flies, last time, I also impulse some, should not be under so heavy hand, later, we, we are still friends, ha ha" Siyang also squeezed up, and the song flies to shake hands, at that time he was really angry too much, thought he used despicable means to get silk rain, now think about it, if at the beginning calm a little better, also won't hurt innocent Besides, a man who loves his sister so much, no matter what, he can't hate him. Thank you! Thank you, thank you for still treating me as a friend. "Song Fei returned to hold their hands, and his heart was filled with waves of emotion. His eyes were covered by fog, and he looked at their sincere smiles in the dim light. Song Fei felt that the beating was worth it." At least now, they're back with him, aren't they? He believed that the friendship between them would be the same as before, no, it would go further than before, and that only he knew why there was that joy in his heart. After a pause, he turned around and looked at the smiling silk rain and asked softly. "Siyu, aren't you curious about who I'm going to marry?" Song Fei smiled mysteriously, flicked the little face of the silk rain, asked gently, and the fundus still flashed a trace of affection. Yes, who are you going to marry? When did you meet? When did you start? Say it quickly, say it quickly. "Silk Rain smelled the faint fragrance of the invitation, held her naughty head high,large ficus tree, blinked her nifty but seductive eyes, like a machine gun, and kept asking questions. She was very, very, very curious about who Gefei was going to marry."? What kind of girl is she? "I.." Song Fei felt a touch of inexplicable emotion in his heart and felt that his nose was a little sour. Silk Rain was still concerned about him, and was about to answer when an excited voice came from behind him. "Small silk rain, you will not ask too much, how do you want people to answer, why don't you ask me, I tell you all, ha ha" Liang Zhen came in like the wind, Peng closed the door of the office,fake ficus tree, striding, smiling walked to the silk rain side, pinched the silk rain slippery ruddy little face, was Mo ran rushed up, a palm to fly, "Choke!"! All right, all right, you say. Silk rain to Mo ran a sweet smile, and hurriedly turned to follow Liang Zhen, his tall and straight body into the office chair, she is lying on the desk, hands holding the chin, diligently looking forward to the following. All right! Look at this information, maybe you can find the answer. Liang Zhen's eyes are as clear as a clear spring, full of confidence, he is very satisfied with the performance of small silk rain, when this little girl is so attractive, always people can not bear to refuse, silk rain hurriedly grabbed the information, the brothers behind him immediately came up with gossip, a look at what happened. In the quiet office, no one spoke, except Gefei and Liang Zhen, who looked at everyone's hurried movements with a smile, silk ficus tree ,fake ficus tree, all the other people squeezed past, surrounded by silk rain, several heads together, and looked at the information carefully. At first, everyone's expression did not change, but after turning a page, everyone was surprised, their faces were paler and paler, even their hands were trembling, Mo ran hurriedly hugged the silk rain, sat on the sofa, hugged her into her arms, silently comforted.. "Liang Zhen, how is that Li Lina now?" Mo ran suddenly remembered the culprit, and his eyes were filled with indifference and anger, and he looked up and asked Liang Zhen, whose legs were resting on his desk. "I was sent back to Taipei by the American police, and I took it, and I'm waiting for the court to arrange to go to court to declare her guilt." Liang Zhen said lightly, but he was very angry. If it weren't for this woman, why would everyone suffer such a torture? Gefei wouldn't have to get married. Alas.. However, if you think about it carefully, this may be the best arrangement for Gefei. "Brother Ran, what's wrong?"? How could such a thing really happen? The silk rain pointed to the last page and looked at Mo Ran in horror, his voice trembling. "It's all right, it's all right, baby, that's not you, you don't have to worry, it has nothing to do with you," Mo ran hurriedly hugged the silk rain into his arms, patted her on the back, and comforted her softly. Chapter 183: The Mystery of Song Flying III Silk rain fundus ignited bursts of fear sparks, tightly staring at the photo on the information, for a long time did not speak as if it was fixed, she never dreamed that someone really looked like her, if you look at the first glance, 100% will think that it is silk rain, look closely, although there is a difference, but silk rain and this photo, at least seven parts. "My God, is this, this, the girl in the disc?" Siyang grabbed the information, fixed his big eyes on the photo, carefully observed, and muttered to himself in great surprise. "Just started to feel like, but now it still looks different, our silk rain's eyes are big, bright and spiritual, this girl's eyes are smaller than silk rain, lips are not as rich as silk rain, ha ha" Zhiming gathered together in the past, the more he looked at it, the more he felt unlike it, because silk rain is the only silk rain, no one can compare with it, no matter how it looks like it.. "I think my sister-in-law is still beautiful. How does this girl look like, like the whole one? My sister-in-law is so natural that she shocked four people as soon as she appeared. Men are fascinated.." Mo Qing went over, his mouth kept talking like a machine gun, and he didn't notice the song flying behind him at all, and his face became more and more embarrassed, until Liang Zhen coughed a lot, and everyone shut up with an apology and smiled shyly at the song flying. "Oh, Mo Qing is right, she, she is really the whole out," Song Fei casually walked to the window, two eyes looking into the distance, the voice is soft, can not hear any emotion, but his heart,silk cherry blossom tree, but in colic. When Liang Zhen found him and told him that the woman was not silk rain, his eyes darkened and he fell down. He was so shocked that he didn't speak for a whole hour. He kept a posture and looked at Liang Zhen in a daze. It was not until Liang Zhen showed him the information and brought the girl to him that he was sure that she was really the girl with him that day. That is, the silk rain in his eyes.