Rivers are like blood

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He first told the result of his empty-handed return from the office, and then asked the little boy if he had put something in his glass last night, which made him dizzy, nauseous and sore neck.

He first told the result of his empty-handed return from the office, and then asked the little boy if he had put something in his glass last night, which made him dizzy, nauseous and sore neck. Xiao Guai must have understood that Bao Liang was saying that he had paid too much for her deal and got too little, so little that he got almost nothing. The little boy smiled and said, "One hundred and fifty ecstasy pills. You eat and play for free. I didn't say you would suffer losses. You are secretly happy. What are you complaining about?" Stop less, and immediately appease Baoliang. "All right, all right, you have suffered losses, can't you? I'll invite you to dinner tonight to make amends for you, can't you?" Bao Liang said, "I don't want to eat." "The little boy said:" You come in the evening, as long as you play with me happy, your sister I pack you can find. Bao Liang said, "That ′ s what you said. What guarantee do you have?" "Take my own guarantee," said the little boy! If I can't find your sister, I will take you as my brother. Is that all right? Bao Liang said, You? Save it I just want my sister. Where can't I find fake and shoddy? The little boy pretended to be angry: "Who do you scold? Who is fake and shoddy?". I tell you, a boy like you wants to be my companion one by one, I can change one every day,naringenin price, and it won't be the same for a month! Bao Liang was a little angry from embarrassment: "OK, you are very capable. You are so capable that you don't cheat me any more. You help me find my sister. I don't care if you change three a day." "Come on," said the little boy with a smile. "Let's meet at the lakeside restaurant. I'll wait for you in the lobby at seven o'clock in the evening." Baoliang has never been to the lakeside restaurant, but he is very familiar with it, because Uncle Feifei's snack bar is diagonally opposite it. When Baoliang arrived there, he was still half an hour away from the date, so he went to Feifei's uncle's snack bar to find Feifei. Baoliang had only followed Liu Cunliang here once in the past,best green coffee bean extract, so when Feifei saw Baoliang at the door of the snack bar, she was greatly surprised and exclaimed with surprise and joy: "Yo!"! Bao Liang, what are you doing here? "Baoliang sat down at a table by the door and said casually," It's all right. I passed by here and looked at you. " Feifei quickly gave Baoliang tea and melon seeds: "Passing by here, where are you going?" Baoliang pointed across the road: "Here." The lakeside restaurant on the opposite side is a resplendent tall building, which is quite striking across the street from here. You? Where to go "Feifei seemed incredulous." What are you doing there? " "Someone invited me to dinner." Bao Liang answered. "Who invited you to dinner there?" Feifei was curious and surprised to say the word "there". …… Uh, a friend. Bao Liang hesitated for a moment and did not say the little boy. Friend, male or female? "A man." Bao Liang didn't know why he was lying. Man, is he a friend of your father? Feifei likes to get to the bottom of the matter, but the expression on her face is not related to her own casual, Baoliang bypassed the topic and asked Feifei about the business of this snack bar. When it comes to business, Feifei grimaces, saying that opening a snack bar in such an upscale neighborhood is just asking for trouble. Her aunt went back to Jianning's hometown, and her uncle did not want to do it, stesweet stevia ,turmeric extract powder, but the shop could not get rid of it for the time being, so it was still maintained every day. They drank tea and ate melon seeds, and talked about Liu Cunliang and Li Chen, friends who came to the provincial capital from Jianning, none of whom had a bright future. Feifei said: "The number of these friends is Hello, the family conditions are good, and now go to college, but also the Public Security College, the future graduation to get a police superintendent when the police inspector, that is how imposing!"! Bao Liang said that you looked imposing. You don't know how hard it is to go to college and be a cop. Feifei said let's change! You really get a bargain and act like a good boy. ! Being a whore and setting up a memorial archway !” They chatted back and forth until it was almost seven o'clock. Bao Liang said, "Don't accompany me." He got up and went out to walk across the road. Feifei shouted behind him, "Hey, Baoliang, will you come over after dinner?" At the dining table of the lakeside restaurant, Xiao Guai wrote another note to Baoliang. There was only one name on the note. At first glance, it looked like a woman. Tian Guifang, "Baoliang looked at the note." Is it a woman? " The little boy drank the red watermelon juice and said in a lazy voice without lifting his eyelids, "It's his original lover, the one before me.". ” "She knows where the right tiger is?" "She used to run across the Jianhe River with Lao Ma, and maybe she took a boat with Quan Hu." Bao Liang's heart brightened. "Then how can I find her?" The little boy took his time to pay the bill for the waiter. After paying the bill, he put away his wallet and smiled at Baoliang and said, "Come on, let's go to sing." Bao Liang frowned and asked again, "How can I find her?" The little boy got up indifferently and walked to the door of the restaurant, but Baoliang had to keep up. Two people in the corridor parallel on the way, the little boy said lightly: "I said, as long as you make me happy, I will let you find your sister." Bao Liang said no more, bowed his head and lowered his eyebrows, and followed Xiao Guai out of the door of the restaurant. The little boy went to drive the car from the day, and Baoliang stood on the steps and waited. Suddenly, he was patted on the shoulder behind him. He turned around and saw Feifei. Feifei's face was full of resentment and her mouth was suspicious. "Didn't you say it was a man who invited you? Didn't you say it was your father's friend?" Before Baoliang could answer, the little boy's car had already driven to the bottom of the steps. Baoliang turned and walked down: "Who said it was my father's friend?". What are you doing here? Feifei roared, "I'm looking for you. I'd like to see who invited you. Baoliang, just admit it to me. Who is this woman?" Bao Liang also turned around and roared: "It's a friend of mine, can you control it?". Feifei suddenly choked. She really couldn't tell whether she could control it or not. As soon as she could, she glared at it. Before Baoliang opened the door of the car, she ran down the steps first and ran across the road with tears in her eyes. When Baoliang got into the car, the little boy asked him with a sneer, "Who is this?" Bao Liang did not look at the little boy and did not want to say much: "Nothing, a fellow-townsman." The little boy asked no more questions, tapped the throttle, and the car started. It's the hidden karaoke, and it's the group of bored idle men and women. The women who have never seen Baoliang are also full of comments,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, and the little boy who does not comment will also take the initiative to show off: This is my boyfriend, how about it, is it reliable? The women all appreciated it. : Reliable! It's absolutely reliable this time. Seriously reliable! The reliability is broken. !。 prius-biotech.com