Qifeng Tower

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However, in the sunshine of Master Wang's sincere expectation, he felt that he really could not "add confusion"..

However, in the sunshine of Master Wang's sincere expectation, he felt that he really could not "add confusion".. After thinking about it, he said, "I think it's good." You can have your own room right away.. It's no longer just a bed. "What a nice thing it is to have a room of one's own and be the only one behind closed doors!" …… The matter is settled. A few months later, he went to the new building to see Master Wang. Master Wang looks fat, and his clothes are much neater. He says that now the workshop leaders take care of him very much. They basically don't start at work. They just talk to the young workers. In fact, they are equal to technicians. In this way, it will take another two years to go through the retirement formalities, and they can get 90% of their salary! If you want to return early, you will lose money. Like Master Zhong, you only get 70%. Master Wang told him that his son and daughter-in-law were very filial. He liked the fat grandson born by his daughter-in-law very much. They all said that the adopted son was separated by a layer, and the grandson was not separated. Can he not be a direct relative? The young couple lived in the big room in the apartment, which was decorated in a very fashionable way. He lived in the smaller room, which was small, but it looked very bright. He refused to let the young couple decorate it for him. He said that the white wall and cement floor were not annoying. He moved in the wooden bed that had slept for decades in the dormitory, as well as a sundry cabinet and a large wooden box that had been used for decades. He said that it can not be thrown away, it is his companion for many years, there are feelings! He only bought two new things,jujube seed powder, one was a 21-inch remote-control color TV set with the latest fashion at that time, which was originally made in Japan, and the other was two single sofas and a coffee table. In this way, he closed the door, made a cup of tea, smoked a cigarette, sat on the sofa,fenugreek saponins, crossed his legs, and watched his favorite TV programs like a fairy! What TV programs does he like to watch? First, the drama, especially the commentary, Peking Opera also love, as well as cross talk and so on, TV series love to watch martial arts, such as "Huo yuanjia" and so on, especially love.. The young couple cooked ready-made meals for him every night and always bought him wine. He was not good at other wines. If he wanted to drink, he would drink Erguotou. But sometimes he had to cook by himself, not because he was not satisfied with what the young couple had done. The young couple also understood that they wanted the house together in order to "finally have their own home". Sometimes he cooked by himself and felt happy, so he did not stop them. Sometimes he sits in the hall with the young couple and watches the TV they bought together, which is a family fun. Except for teasing the grandson. He did not usually enter the world of the young couple, and the young couple hardly entered his room, pumpkin seed extract ,carnosic acid price, so they lived quite comfortably. Master Wang gradually likes to receive a few guests in his own room, but there are really not many visitors, who come frequently, one is Master Zhong, the other is him who sells articles for a living. He had a lot of contact with Master Wang, but often when he left, he chewed up their contacts, but still could not sort out many deep-seated things. What on earth is surging in Master Wang's heart? As an independent individual life, what is the value of Master Wang? What else does Master Wang have in his spiritual life besides watching Flowers as a Matchmaker or Huo yuanjia? He thought that Master Wang was not very literate and could not read, but once, on the tea table in Master Wang's room, he was surprised to see a handprint of Peng Dehuai's Narration. "Are you watching?" He asked Master Wang. Master Wang replied, "I'm getting hot in the eyes.." Among the good people, I admire him first! This made him feel shocked. Yes, even after moving into the new building, Master Wang's room, his bed, still emitted a unique smell, he really felt that it was not bad, it was the smell of iron sand that had not yet cooled. Then it was the summer of that year. That night, Master Wang's son got on his bicycle to see what was going on. Didn't come back at dawn the next day, didn't come back at night, didn't come back the third day. On the fifth day, the factory informed me to identify the body. Master Wang and his daughter-in-law went together, and they were indeed members of their family. It's "self-inflicted".. There is no Master Wang in his mind for many days. It was a hot summer day. One evening, he went downstairs for a walk. Cautiously, don't go far. He met Master Wang on the Avenue of the building area. At first glance, he was taken aback. Master Wang was wearing only a pair of shorts and a sweaty vest. He was dirty. His black hair, which used to be very luxuriant, was gray and dazzling. His beard was unshaven. In addition to the original long lines on his face, there were many small lines on his face, but his body and arms were still very strong.. It was Master Wang himself who told him about the accident in a tone as if he were narrating something about someone else's family. How did he comfort Master Wang? I don't remember. He was very confused that summer. Who will comfort him? However, on a drizzling night, by chance, he found Master Wang in a small pavilion in the green area of the building. At that time, there were few people in the open area of the building, and the windows of residential buildings flashed a faint yellow light in the rain curtain. Master Wang did not bring an umbrella, did not wear a raincoat, only wearing a wrinkled coat, unkempt, silently smoking. When he was beside Master Wang, he only felt the smell of iron sand that had not yet cooled in his breath. "Why don't you go home?" He asked. Master Wang asked him, "What about you?" He said,jujube seed powder, "I'm going back.". Go back quickly, too! It's a little cold when it rains suddenly! Be careful of catching a cold. Master Wang said sullenly, "You go back.." I'll stay a little longer. 。 prius-biotech.com