Mech sniper

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Look at the five goddess of war who rushed over. I'm certainly not so proud that I think I can beat five. So throw the sniper rifle in the mecha's hand.

Look at the five goddess of war who rushed over. I'm certainly not so proud that I think I can beat five. So throw the sniper rifle in the mecha's hand. Then he held two energy knives in both hands. Struggled with five goddess of war for a while. Just turn around. Heading for the outer meteorite region of the Midstate system. Even if the performance of the mecha is improved several times. In the last few encounters. The left arm of my mecha was also cut a deep crack by the energy silk in the opponent's hand. If it wasn't for the new metal. Strong resistance to blows. Come to think of it, now my airframe has exploded. And the goddess of war. Because of the program left by Jack the Great. When I left Zhongzhou Xing. They can only wander in the distance. Afraid to come after him. The battle between humans and robots has been decided for the moment. The end of the battle took place in Zhongzhou Star. All droid fleets that appear on Zhongzhou Star. Destroyed by the goddess of war. And the goddess of war. Less than twenty people have died. After the droid empire's expeditionary force was completely destroyed. Feng Xiner and I are celebrating at the general fortress of the Feng family. And that was me and Jason. The goddess of war captured by Tianlan. It's frozen up. Now the droid fleet has been completely destroyed. Before we want to come. We can suspend our research on how to destroy the goddess of war. At the celebration party. I'm just going to invite Feng Xiner to dance the first dance. All of a sudden. The signalman in uniform came to Feng Xiner and me. Report to the commander in chief. Emergency message from the border. An endless fleet of droids reappears at the borders of the Unreal Galaxy. Heading for the Black Dragon Empire. This time, the droid fleet is at least ten times more powerful than what was destroyed by the goddess of war ten days ago. The correspondent said anxiously to Feng Xiner. Chapter 254 of the main text, the end of mankind. "What?"? The fleet of robots appeared again, standing beside Feng Xiner, and I was shocked to say. A few days ago in the battle, I can be in the Zhongzhou star outside the meteorite area, through the detection system, see with my own eyes,pump tube, tens of thousands of robot warships, were easily destroyed by the goddess of war, did not expect less than a month, the border alarm came again,custom cosmetic packing, more robot fleets appeared, and this time those robot fleets learned to be smart, they did not attack the goddess of war first. And attack the Black Dragon Empire first. The celebration was stopped by the sudden news, and all the people who came to the celebration knew that the war would break out again. Tianyijian, you come to the general command room with me first, and the others go back to tell your subordinates that the vacation is over and the Feng family is in a state of combat. When Feng Xiner heard the news, custom cosmetic packaging ,eye cream packaging tube, she said to me and several captains beside her. After arriving at the command room, Feng Xiner immediately got in touch with the commander of the Black Dragon Empire. Commander of the Feng family, I am the commander of the Black Dragon Empire. I ask for help from your country. Millions of robot warships are heading for our country. If you don't send a large number of troops, the 36 administrative stars of the Black Dragon Empire will be occupied by robots in half a day. Maybe after tonight, there will be no more human beings in the Black Dragon empire. In the general conference room, on the communication screen, a middle-aged man in the uniform of Marshal of the Black Dragon Empire said tragically. Heavy troops? I don't know how many fleets there are in other families of the Crimson Empire. I, Feng Xiner, can tell you clearly that there are less than three reorganized fleets in the Feng family, counting the secret forces. Even if these three fleets are sent to the Black Dragon Empire, what's the use of facing the overwhelming robot fleet? Escape, take the people of the Black Dragon Empire and move to a distant galaxy. There may be a chance of survival. Our Feng family is also preparing for the transfer. Feng Xiner said to the commander of the Black Dragon Empire on the screen. Thirty-six administrative stars, the people on duty, the robot fleet will arrive in half a day, even if the transfer breakthrough, with the military fleet, in a short time. There is no time to organize the people to break out with the military. I am a soldier of the Black Dragon Empire. It is impossible for us soldiers to abandon the people and flee to other galaxies. I have released a message in the country. Let the people of the Black Dragon Empire take civilian escape ships and sneak to the Crimson Empire while we soldiers attract the main fleet of robots. The military of our Black Dragon Empire will fight to the last warship, and as long as we have a mobile mecha, we will not run away. Although I can't guarantee how long the remaining ten fleets of the Black Dragon Empire can withstand the robot warships, I hope you, the head of the Feng family, can grant me a request, if there are ordinary people of the Black Dragon Empire who are lucky enough to escape to the Crimson Empire in an escape ship. For the sake of our Black Dragon Army fighting for the human race until the last moment and helping you win time,plastic packaging tube, please take them in and take the innocent people of the Black Dragon Empire to other galaxies. The marshal of the Black Dragon Empire. Said to Feng Xiner. I will. As a soldier, I admire your decision very much. I promise your request. As long as the people of the Black Dragon Empire flee to the planet under the jurisdiction of the Phoenix family, I will treat them like my own people and take them to flee together. Feng Xiner answered. Catch. The conversation between the most powerful people in the two enemy countries is over. Escape. Facing a fleet of robots hundreds of times over. Crimson Empire Feng Xiner decisively chose to announce the escape message to the public. The military began to send warships to the administrative star of each Feng family jurisdiction. People who can escape by battleship are doctors who have made great contributions to the reconstruction of society. The breeders were randomly selected according to the computer. One person for every 100 persons in ordinary occupations under the age of 150. Permission to ride on a military warship. Send it to Feng's General Space Fortress. Other people. Only in private spaceships. Move to another galaxy with the space fortress of the Feng family. Other big families in the Crimson Empire. An hour after Feng's announcement. Imilar announcement have also been made on that administrative satellites of the area under their jurisdiction. Then they began to send warships to the administrative star to accept talents helpful to the reconstruction of the country. After the public saw the news. There was immediate confusion. People who were not selected by the computer. Some places began to buy tickets for private spaceships through connections. But private spaceships are limited. Three quarters of the people do not have a ticket to leave the planet in a spaceship.