Little Wulin Detective

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"I spent about a day in that stone room. The old man in the cave and I were in the same boat. We had similar views on life, so we talked quite congenially.

"I spent about a day in that stone room. The old man in the cave and I were in the same boat. We had similar views on life, so we talked quite congenially. The strange voice of the old man's temperament shook the martial arts world, but compared with the old man, it was obvious that he was behind. In just one day, he was either indifferent or warm-hearted, which was unfathomable." He didn't say a word about why he was imprisoned in the stone room. He just talked about martial arts with me. This man was erudite and knowledgeable. His martial arts were as profound as the vast sea. I benefited a lot from his overnight talk. Especially before I left, he gave me a silk book and a bottle of potion. The potion was the bottle of heart-attacking life-saving pills. According to the old man in the cave, the silk book recorded the most magical kungfu in Wulin for thousands of years. It was known as the Wuji Tiangang Divine Skill. If it could be practiced, it would be a combination of good and evil. It would become the first wonderful person in ancient and modern times. No one in the world could defeat it. At the same time, he ordered: 'Heart-Attack Life-Saving Pill is derived from the Demon Sect of Persia. Its function is to stimulate the potential power of human beings, so that the dying can temporarily save their lives. However, if the toxin invades the human body for a long time, it will harm some organs of the human body, or make the body full of poison and untouchable. ' "The bottle of medicine he gave me is slow, so I'm just blind. The medicine he took is very strong, so he can't touch it all over his body. Unless he uses the'Heart-Attacking and Life-Saving Pill 'to detoxify and protect his heart, and with the help of the'Xuanwuxianyue', he can survive without losing his power. But the time limit is ten years, and there is no hope beyond this time limit.." The old man paused, and with a look of excitement on his face, he went on to say, "The strange man in the cave made an agreement with me that if he could find the Xuanyu Elixir within ten years,eye cream packing tube, he would be sure to return to the stone room, so that both of us could recover as before. Moreover, the old monk was very excited when I mentioned the matter of Tianlai Yingzhou. It was obvious that he had a very deep relationship with the island!"! Imp, it's been eighteen years now, but after you win the'Xuanyu Elixir ', you might as well go to the stone room to show that I've never made a slip of the tongue in my life. The old man's skill is very deep, and maybe there's still a glimmer of hope. At the same time, you can explore the origin of'Tianlai Yingzhou' from there! This is my wish, you must remember in your heart,tube lip gloss, below I will tell your life experience, you should listen carefully.. The young man answered blankly, with an uncomfortable feeling in his heart. He thought to himself that although the old man had a strange temper in his life, sometimes chivalrous and sometimes evil, his intentions were all for the world. Even if his behavior involved extreme, it was only because he was too stimulated. If he had been hit by the same blow, he would have done the same. It is reasonable to say that "all the people in the world are in charge of the affairs of the world, and all the people in the world are in charge of the road of the world". This saying is no longer true, but most people hold the mentality of "each person sweeps the snow in front of his own door, and does not care about the frost on other people's tiles", so that justice does not exist. At this moment, he seemed to have figured out a lot of things he didn't understand before, and he could not help but have a silent inner resistance to the cold world. Just as he was sighing with emotion, he heard the old man say in a dumb voice, "After I left the stone room, aluminium laminated tube ,empty lotion tubes, I thought I was a fish that had slipped through the net. At that time, if I wanted to work with others, I would not be able to support it for two hours, and the internal injury would recur. I also thought to myself that a day had passed, and the forced rider must have left. At that moment, I was relieved to appear and go straight to Bashu. Who knew that I had not left the foothills of He found that the nine masters were still defending by the roadside, and the old man had been exposed and was waiting to retreat. Suddenly, he thought that I was running away from him, and there would be no day to be good at it. It would be better to fight for the recurrence of internal injuries and clean up all the nine people, so that their whereabouts would not be leaked in the future, so as to avoid'Tianlai Yingzhou 'sending people to harass them again. Just as they were about to lay down their lives, the nine men stood behind them. Suddenly, there was a loud cry. The old man was stunned, but the nine masters stood still. When he looked carefully, it turned out that the nine men had been dead for a long time, but he could not see what kind of killing method could make the dead stand still. At that time, the old man passed by and saw that behind the nine people, about six or seven feet away, there was a bundle on the ground, wrapped in a baby of two or three months, with a small face like an apple, which had been blown blue and purple by the mountain wind. He did not know that it was his mother, but put his own son in this desolate mountain area with rare human traces! Cough!.. Call, ghost, that baby is you, eighteen years of time so long, but seems to be as short as a snap of a finger, I finally brought you up … —.” The boy gave a cry of surprise and said hurriedly, "That baby is me!"! That baby was me? How could such a thing happen? What's the matter "Don't get excited!" The old man said coldly, "When you set foot in Jianghu in the future, you will experience many strange phenomena. Those things are enough to make you excited. But I warn you in advance that you must take a light attitude towards all new and exciting things. Otherwise, you will never be able to calm down, let alone take on any important tasks. Then my years of hard work will go down the drain!" The young man was shocked, and his mood gradually calmed down. The old man's words were like a blow to the head. Years of strict training had already made him happy and angry. Had he not suddenly heard about his own life, he was convinced that he could control his emotional twists and turns. Kid! In fact, I can't blame you. Over the years, you have never known the secret of your life experience. Once you hear it, you will be excited. But before I break up with you, I must make a careful request to you. I just want you to be calm! Can you do that? The old man asked earnestly. It can be done.. I am confident that I can take all the blows! The boy answered firmly. That would be great.. Although your life experience is strange, there is nothing to say. The words in blood on the cloth are puzzling. You might as well hide them carefully, thinking that you will find the evidence of your biological parents in the future! The boy gave a sneer and said, "My parents abandoned me like an old shoe. Why should I bother to look for them?" As soon as the old man's face changed, he said in a harsh voice, "No one has parents, and there are no disloyal and unfilial sons and daughters in the world.." At this point, his voice suddenly changed to a gentle one and he said, "Young man, listen to me and don't hold a grudge against your parents. I think they must have other reasons. Alas.." He gave a long sigh and said, "When I found you, I wanted to leave you,cosmetic tube, because I was caught up in worldly affairs and had no time to take care of myself. How could I have time to take care of you? But in the end, I couldn't bear it. It proves that human nature is good, and the latent nature of conscience can never be extinguished.".