PS Bottle Machine factory

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PS Bottle Machine factory PS Bottle Machine factory

PS Bottle Machine factory Our Factory Injection stretch blow molding machine from injection PET preform, stretch blow molding and demoulding step, no flash, no nozzle material, product appearance integrity is very good. The bottom and seam line of the product are smooth and transparent. Stretch blown products can have more uniform wall thickness than non - stretch products. One-step injection stretch blow molding machine is more efficient and energy saving. Our Product Injection stretch blow molding machine / Injection stretch blow mold / Auxiliary machines Product Application Pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging, beverage filling, lighting, etc. Our Certificate CE TUV Production Equipment CNC / Grinding machine / Drilling machine Production Market Exported to many countries and regions at home and abroad. Our Service We have overseas agents to provide technical support, the company provides lifelong after-sales service.PS Bottle Machine factory website: