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A giant falcon with blue and white feathers appeared in the night, fluttered its wings and flew into the air quickly.

A giant falcon with blue and white feathers appeared in the night, fluttered its wings and flew into the air quickly. 333, here she comes. In space, a spaceship that looks a little shabby, with a piece missing here and a piece missing there, is slowly heading for the spaceport of the eighth executive star. My Lord, we're almost in port. The white tiger reminded. Sitting in front of the console, Lu nodded slightly, and the fluorescence from the screen brightened her pupils. She looked at the dark red image of the spaceport on the screen. "Let's see how the Imperials react." The ship approached the spaceport very slowly and uniformly, like a real ghost, and the radar did not catch the intruder in the first place. The big blue and white bird stood high and looked down, and the night wind shook its feathers, making it look a little different from the usual solemn. Suddenly, it seemed to feel something and looked up into the night sky. After a moment, it chirped sharply. The spaceport, which had been peaceful for a long time, welcomed an uninvited visitor tonight, and unlike in the past, this time it was not from the direction of the Empire,Time Delay Faucet, but from the opposite direction. The opposite direction, of course, is the direction of the abandoned planet nine. The marshal had long given a death order that the ship coming from the abandoned planet 9 must not be destroyed, and that the people on board must be captured alive. The spaceport team was ordered to assemble at the first time, and the warships started to fly into space, surrounding the foreign spacecraft with the fastest speed. And keep sending orders to the ship to "stop moving forward and report the designation." Why not attack? Lu gently tapped the console with his fingers and looked at the screen. The blue dot represented his own side and the red dot represented the enemy. This time, more than ten red dots had wrapped the blue dot alone in the center,stainless steel squatting pan, but they did not do anything. Even while the blue dot was moving forward, it was like an escort. Why is there no response? On the spaceport side, in the command ship, a group of people gathered around the command platform, looking at the ship clearly displayed on the screen, ready and somewhat puzzled. The other side does not stop, does not accelerate, does not respond, still maintains a uniform speed forward, this situation is somewhat strange. Has the serial number of the ship been analyzed? The commander asked in a deep voice. Next to the console, the shape of the spacecraft is 360 degrees high-definition conversion, but from the shape really can not see what this spacecraft is. Many of its parts are missing, almost beyond recognition, like a lump of scrap metal, Prison toilet for sale ,Self-closing Faucet, which makes people wonder if it will be cracked into pieces of garbage in the dark space in the next moment. There it is! The person who was analyzing the data shouted, "This is a new fast ship of the XX series." Hearing the name of the series, the commander's face sank. Everyone knows that this series is the main warship developed by the military in recent years. It is famous for its fast speed, high attack, suitable for breakthrough and sneak attack. Now it has only successfully built six warships, each of which is built with money. But this ship is not any of the six official sequences. It should be a trial ship. This fast ship should be under the name of the Kaveh family. "The Kaveh family?" The commander's face was even worse. He looked at the tattered ship in front of him. Now he saw some cunning. He raised his hand and said, "Try to attack." "The attack is on!" The white tiger asked, "Your Excellency?" Lu said softly: "According to the original plan." See next to another console, several people began to operate quickly, the original still lifeless broken spacecraft began to change speed, and began to counterattack. The shells it released were different, so one shell cracked after it went out, hit different warships around it separately, and exploded on its own before the other side launched an interception. Under the background of the black universe, it is like a burning firework exploding, and the light is flashing constantly, which makes people unable to stare at it. No, what is it going to do? The ship was surrounded by a cloud of white light, shuddered wildly, and then burst apart. More than a dozen components were fired in all directions, the most important of which was the control module, which was fired in the direction of the spaceport. It was so fast that even the fastest interceptor missile of the Empire could not stop it. Lu gently leaned back in his chair, his fingers gently propped up his forehead, and his eyes looked indifferently at the blue signal dot that drew a parabola toward the other side's spaceport. Not surprisingly, in two seconds, the sound of bombardment and explosion will be heard throughout the spaceport. Suddenly, Lu sat up straight. The signal point was slowing down rapidly, moving forward with great difficulty, as if it had been greatly hindered, and then it melted after a violent tremor! "This.." What weapon might the other side have used to intercept? The white tiger guessed. Lu stared at the screen lightly and suddenly looked up in one direction. It was the direction of the spaceport, and although the walls of the spacecraft blocked her eyes, she seemed to see the scene there, her pupils trembling gently. Not a weapon. She said slowly, "Not a weapon, give me the picture, quick!" "That would give away our position, my Lord." Lu was slightly silent for a moment, then suddenly pressed a few buttons himself. Adult In a secret place beyond the battlefield, a small spaceship was parked for an unknown length of time when it suddenly turned and accelerated toward the spaceport. Spaceport. A few seconds ago. A capsule crashed into the spaceport at a terrible speed, and at the moment it was about to hit, a red shadow suddenly appeared in the air. The shadow congealed into the shape of a giant bird. The giant bird folded its sun-blocking wings, wrapped the cannonball-like cabin with two golden claws, raised its head high,Stainless Steel Toilet China, and forced it to stop with an earth-shaking call. The surrounding air was burned by intense friction, against the red color of the giant bird, like a fireball across the horizon.