Shu Xiang family

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Qiu Xiao suddenly burst into tears and said, "When you say that, I think of the past.". At the beginning, we all worked in the old lady's room.

Qiu Xiao suddenly burst into tears and said, "When you say that, I think of the past.". At the beginning, we all worked in the old lady's room. Later, the old lady gave me to the second young lady, Qiuyun to the eldest aunt, Qiuping to the uncle, and Qiuhui to the eighth young lady. Now Qiuyun has gone to Anping Mansion with her great-aunt, and she can't see her once a year. Although Qiu Ping opened his face, he was also worried about his grandmother, so busy that he could not even say a few words. Five aunts are not like to make trouble, every day with eight young ladies only in their own room, even if the outside explosion of thunder will not come out to see, Qiuhui is even more invisible. When I was a child, I saw how beautiful and decent it was to be a first-class maid. We also said in private that we would be a big maid in the future. Now the big maid's dignity is there, but the taste in my heart is not as comfortable as others! Bixuan knew that Qiuxiao was doing something for Huaxiang. She was really wronged. She reluctantly opened her mouth and said with a smile, "Look at what my sister said. Do you still want us to play in the same place every day like when we were young, and don't care about anything?"? Everyone gets through it like this. My sister has the luck that others can't look forward to now, but she still cries like this. Qiuxiao took Bixuan's hand and said in a low voice, "I used to think that the young ladies who followed me were more decent than ordinary maids,Concealed Flush Valve, and even looked down on the young ladies who followed me.". Now look at you, and then look at myself, I think I might as well follow Miss Six or Miss Seven, so as not to be angry now! Bixuan patted Qiuxiao's hand to comfort her: "People go to higher places, and water flows to lower places.". The elder sister was lucky to be able to follow the second young lady. Why did she suddenly say such a thing? Qiu Xiao raised her tearful face and looked at Bi Xuan. "People like us can't make their own decisions.". If you follow a good master, you will have hope for your life in the future, but I. Bixuan heart a move,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, Qiuxiao's age is not small, is Huaxiang has an arrangement? Qiu Xiao already sobbed and said, ".." If the second young lady means, I don't complain. It's just my fate, but she's just a person like me, and she's going to go to the first wife to answer my story. How can I see people in the future? Bixuan knew she was referring to Cuiqiao in Qiuxiao's mouth. Cuiqiao was in charge of everything in Huaxiang's room, but Bixuan didn't expect that Cuiqiao would suppress it together with Qiuxiao, who was a big maid. Chapter 51 suspicion five. "What are you talking about, sister?" Said Bixuan? Did you hear something? Qiu Xiao's head went down, as if it was not easy to say. Bixuan comforted her by saying, "Sister, don't listen to the wind and rain. Although Sister Cuiqiao is a little stronger, she doesn't seem to be able to do such a thing. I'm afraid she misheard me." Qiuxiao shook her head and said, "You don't know what's going on in our room. Cuiqiao has been complaining about me ever since she was punished by the old lady and moved to the northwest corner.". That day I knew that the second young lady was going to sneak out of the house, Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl ,push button toilet flush valve, but I never told anyone that Cuiqiao thought I was weak and not in charge, so I wanted to take the opportunity to kick me out. Bixuan was a little surprised. "Did my sister know what happened that day?" With tears in her eyes, Qiuxiao said, "You also know the second young lady's temper. Where did you listen to people's advice?"? I just said a word and was hit a few times by the second young lady. If I told Cuiqiao secretly again, it would be strange if the second young lady didn't kill me! Besides, I was still lucky, thinking that the second young lady was just talking, but who knew that the second young lady really ran out. Bixuan nodded: "Sister is right.". What does the master want to do? Where is it our turn to manage? "That's not the case," cried Qiu Xiao! But she clung to this matter every day, saying again and again that I did not do my best to serve the young lady. When she heard that the second young lady was going to discuss marriage, she wanted to get rid of me while she was still in the house, so that she wouldn't go with me in the future, which would hinder her even more. Bixuan looked at Qiuxiao, sympathized and comforted her for a long time. Qiuxiao was afraid that Huaxiang would go back soon, so she got up and left. Bixuan picked up the needle and thread on the table, but she could not calm down. It had long been known to the whole family that the second young lady wanted to discuss marriage, but when that happened, it was put aside. Recently, I heard the man in the room say that the marriage originally intended for the second young lady had been given to the sixth young lady. If it was true, then the good thing for the seventh young lady would be near. If nothing goes wrong, she and Jinse will naturally go with Miss Qi in the future. Miss Qi was gentle and generous, but she was not worried. She was afraid that there was something wrong with the people over there. If it is the family of the Duke, how can the identity of the seven young ladies have a good life. If you are from a small family, you have to worry about your livelihood. What I feared most was to give it to a big family as an aunt. She grew up in Shen Fu. I don't know how many times I heard about the marriage of such an official family. Now the first wife is in charge of the house, and I don't know what the first wife is thinking about, and what the marriage of several concubines is like. The more Bixuan thought about it, the more flustered she became. She simply put down her needle and thread and went out. It snowed a few days ago, and the way to the courtyard in the northwest corner was not easy to walk. When Qiuxiao went back, it had been a long time. Cuiqiao took a look at Qiuxiao and turned out of the room without saying a word. Qiuxiao looked at Cuiqiao's back, and her heart was very complicated. The same is the old lady's maid, how can Cuiqiao ignore her at all. Qiu Xiao went to wash his face. Hua Xiang was not there, and there was nothing to do in the room, so she went back to her room. I faintly heard Cuiqiao say in the courtyard, "I'm going to Chunxiaoyuan to pick up the young lady. If you have anything, you can ask Yingnan." Cuiqiao probably came back to arrange things, and after she was busy, she had to follow Hua Xiang. Qiuxiao curled her lips coldly in the room and asked the little maid to ask the second-class maid Yingnan. It was obvious that Qiuxiao was not in charge. Qiu Xiao turned over and lay under the window, thinking about it for a long time, and fell asleep. When she opened her eyes, it was already the time to hold the lamp. Qiu Xiao was startled and hurried to Huaxiang's house. Hua Xiang probably just came back, the little maid is serving the clean hand, Qiu Xiao this just put down the heart, went up to roll up the sleeve for Hua Xiang, took off the jade bracelet. Huaxiang wiped her hands with a veil in annoyance. Cuiqiao came in and said, "Miss,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, it's time for dinner." Hua Xiang said, "If you don't eat, you'll be full of anger. How can you eat?" 。