Mining Locomotive price

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Mining Locomotive priceMining Locomotive price

Mining Locomotive price Introduction The DC power supplied by the battery of 2.5T Battery Locomotive enters the motor drive motor through the flameproof bolt, controller and resistance box. Secondly, our motor drives the wheels to rotate through the transmission device, thus driving the train. Finally, our products are cheap and high-quality, which is deeply loved by our customers. Feature The 2.5T Battery Locomotive is small in size, short wheelbase, small and flexible, and fast and reliable braking. Secondly, our structure is simple and easy to maintain. It is suitable for branch alleys, small mine transportation and small and medium-sized mine shunting. Finally, we also use high-quality materials. 2.5T battery locomotive Details 2.5T battery locomotive Parameter We Are Experts In Mining Equipment Our Factory Package and Delivery Our Certification Mining Locomotive price website: