Rebellious Harassment _ Michael Clayton

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"In the urban edition," Mary Anne told him, "the second edition, the first column in the comments column. Read it and cry.

"In the urban edition," Mary Anne told him, "the second edition, the first column in the comments column. Read it and cry. I'll get some more coffee. Then she walked away. Sanders turned the page to the metropolitan section. Express one's own opinion Constance Walsh Mr. Piggy at Work The power of patriarchy is on display again, this time with a high tech local company-I'll call it company X. The company has appointed a talented, highly competent woman to an important position as a manager, but many of the men in the company are trying to get rid of her. One of them-let's call him "Mr. Piggy" for the moment-is particularly reluctant to swallow this tone. He can't tolerate a woman as a superior. For weeks, he has been actively waging a vicious war of innuendo in the company to prevent the appointment from becoming a reality. After the defeat,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, Mr. Piggy claimed that his new superior had sexually harassed him in his office and almost raped him. The blatant hostility contained in this accusation is matched only by the absurdity of the accusation itself. Some readers may wonder: How can a woman rape a man? The answer is naturally impossible. Rape is a violent crime, a crime only committed by men. Rape occurs with alarming frequency, and men use rape to keep women in their place. This is a profound truth in our society and in all societies before us. Women,38 needle valve, as they are, do not oppress men at all. In the hands of men, women are powerless. It is absurd to claim that women rape. But that didn't stop Mr. Piggy, who was only interested in throwing mud at his new superior. He is even filing a formal sexual harassment complaint against her! In short, Mr. Piggy has the typical vices of patriarchal parents. As the reader might expect, these habits are everywhere in his life. Mr. Piggy's wife is an outstanding lawyer, hydraulic fitting supplier ,pipe fittings manufacturer, but Mr. Piggy forces her to give up her job and take care of her children at home. After all, Mr. Piggy didn't want his wife to go out into the professional world, where she would hear about his affairs with young women and rumors about his drinking. He probably expected that the new female superiors would not agree with this. The new supervisor may not allow him to be late for work yet, because he often does. So, Mr. Piggy came to this cunning move. The prospect of another talented career woman is about to be unjustly ruined. Can she keep the pigs of company X in a pigsty? Please wait and see. Christ. Sanders sighed. He read the article again. Hunter returned with two paper cups of coffee. She pushed one of the glasses toward Saunders. "Here, looks like you need this." "How do they know about this?" Sanders asked. Hunter shook his head. I don't know. It looks like someone inside the company leaked the information. "But who is that?" Saunders thought. If it had been in the papers, it must have leaked out at three or four o'clock yesterday afternoon. Who in the company even knew that he was considering a sexual harassment lawsuit? "I can't imagine who it could be," Hunter said. "I'll ask." "Who is Constance Walsh?" Have you never read her articles? "She's a regular columnist for The Post," Hunter said. "Feminist ideas, that sort of thing." And she shook her head. How's Susan? I tried to call her this morning, but there was no answer at home. "Susan is going away for a few days with the baby." Hunter nodded his head slowly. That might be a good idea. "We think so." "Does she know about this?" "I know." "Are you really filing a sexual harassment complaint?" "Yes." "Good Heavens." "That's right." He nodded and said. Mary Anne sat with him for a long time without a word. She just sat with him. Finally she said, "I've known you for a long time, and I hope this turns out well." "I hope so, too." There was another long silence. Finally, Mary Anne pushed the table and stood up. See you later, Tom. "See you later, Mary Anne." He knew how she felt in her heart. He has felt this way in the past when other people in the company have been accused of sexual harassment. There is a sudden distance between people, no matter how long you have known the person or whether you have ever been friends. Once you are accused of this, everyone will run away from you, because the truth is that no one knows how things are. You can't take sides — even if it's your friend. Sanders watched her walk away. She was slim and wiry,14 tube fitting, dressed in a tracksuit and carrying a leather briefcase. She was barely five feet tall, and the men on the ferry boat were much bigger than she was. Saunders remembers telling Susan that she was running because she was afraid of being raped. I'm going to run past them. She said. Men don't know anything about this. They don't understand the fear. But there is another fear that only men experience. His uneasiness deepened as he read the column in the newspaper. The key words in the article jumped out of it and rushed at him. I can't swallow this tone. Malicious.. Can't tolerate a woman. Blatant hostility.. Rape Crimes that only men commit.. Pouring dirt on his new superior.. An affair with a young woman.. Alcoholism. Late for work.. Unjustly buried.. The pigs are in the pigsty. These descriptions are not just untrue, they are not just uncomfortable. They're dangerous. The John Masters case is an example. The story has caused ripples among many older people in Seattle.