Quick wear raiders: the female partner is poisonous

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"Ah Jiu is really me." When Wanxuan admitted this identity, his disguise as the first disciple of the Tibetan Army House also completely fell off, and now he is just Ling Jiusheng, the leader of the Demon Sect.

"Ah Jiu is really me." When Wanxuan admitted this identity, his disguise as the first disciple of the Tibetan Army House also completely fell off, and now he is just Ling Jiusheng, the leader of the Demon Sect. Even in the Xia Dynasty, he had to choose to believe it at this moment. He said angrily, "The left hand knife that has died, the Xiao Daxia that has fallen into hallucination, and the evening pavilion that is now poisoned and unconscious.." These are all your handwriting! "Why should the Lord of the Xia Mansion ask such a question?" Evening Xuan's whole body momentum suddenly changed. He stood with his hands on his back. The former dust was completely replaced by arrogance at this moment. His lips were lightly raised, which was a touch of evil that he had never seen before. "Our holy religion is a demon religion in the mouth of your white way. Since it is a demon, it should also be doing all kinds of evil." "The Demon Sect has always been unscrupulous." Qi Changan raised his thin lips and said, "I admire you for being able to hibernate in Zangbing Mansion for many years as Wanxuan." Wanxuan. No, now it's time to call him Ling Jiusheng. "It's a good move for Qi to prove his innocence under such circumstances." "Master Ling can rest assured that I just let Miss Huayan go and didn't hurt her." Qi Changan said with a half-smile. Ling Jiusheng pulled the corners of his mouth, but did not smile, so others did not know what attitude he had towards this sentence. Qi Changan and Ling Jiusheng, two men, but the momentum is completely different, if now is the whole white road and Ling Jiusheng's opposite scene, it is better to say that Qi Changan and the confrontation between Ling Jiushengs two men. The atmosphere in the room fell into dead silence at this moment. At this time, the scenery is pinching Qi Changan's hand, she clenched her teeth to squeeze out a voice, "you carry me to see Huayan?" "The scenery is clear." Qi Changan bowed his head spinelessly and said, "I just took one of her pearl hairpins. I didn't even touch a finger of hers." Chapter 1830 strategy Wulin Alliance Leader. The scenery listened to Qi Changan table loyal words,beam impact tubes, the mood felt better, she also stopped to Qi Changan sadistic hand, at least she did not forget what occasion is now, obediently stand, she did not see other people fall on their own eyes. This time even if the Xia Dynasty is a fool, he can also see something, he has an angry look between his eyebrows, he just wanted to say something, but Wang Ci took his hand and shook his head. This is not the time to talk about personal matters. Xia Chao had a bad temper,cold drawn tubes, but he had a great advantage, that is, he listened to his daughter-in-law very much. He looked at Qi Changan, who was standing very close to his daughter, and swallowed the breath silently. The scene over there has entered the most tense time. Qi Changan smiled, "Master Ling, since your identity has been exposed, I think you should also know that if you want to leave today, this is a very difficult thing." "It's difficult, but it's not impossible." Ling Jiusheng is calm and calm. At this time, the acupoint on the body of the late pavilion has been untied, he looked at the late Xuan with complicated eyes, "Big Brother." Are you still our big brother? Are all the feelings for so many years false? "It would be too ridiculous to mention the friendship between teachers now." Ling Jiusheng lips up a point, the past indifferent elegance is no longer, now there is, side impact door beams ,side impact beams, just evil charm ruthless, "the so-called school friendship, is the second younger martial brother you, for a woman who knows but a month, you can kill the third younger martial brother who has lived together for many years, this friendship, second younger martial brother you will feel proud?" Now the "Second Younger Martial Brother" from Ling Jiusheng's mouth is full of irony. Evening Pavilion's face was white. He opened his mouth and had nothing to say. Ling Jiusheng is right, when he is willing to accept threats, he has become what he used to call a contemptible person. The scene suddenly made a sound. "So, you have been lurking in the Tibetan Military Mansion for many years, and you are all pretending to be aloof from the world. Whether you are good to me or to the Second Elder Martial Brother or the Third Elder Martial Brother, it is just a means you use to better disguise yourself.". ” "Little sister." "Don't call me little sister again!" The voice of the scenery suddenly increased a minute, her voice also has a chill, "I see you now, will only let me feel more." If, in so many years, as long as I do something slightly wrong, you will not hesitate to kill me like the third brother, think carefully, I have a bad temper, I used to give you trouble, thank you for your mercy, let me still alive.. The so-called plot, from the beginning has deviated from the track, and become a mess, but the scenery will not forget, Ling Jiusheng is a cruel man, his gentleness will only give the heroine a beautiful face, and even at the end of the story, he will slaughter all the Tibetan soldiers, scenery is also in it. The irony in the scenery words was obvious. Ling Jiusheng was slightly silent for a while. Then he said without emotion: "Miss Xia is right. If it weren't for the fact that you are a lady of the Tibetan Military Office, killing you would cause a lot of trouble. Otherwise.." Otherwise, would he have done it earlier? Scenery slowly grasped Qi Changan's hand, only at this moment, she was more sure of an idea, "Qi Changan, can't let him leave the Tibetan army mansion, kill him." Ling Jiusheng was stunned. Chapter 1831 Strategy Wulin Alliance Leader. Rao is Qi Changan, all because of the determination in the scenery words and an accident, he knows, scenery is a timid and soft-hearted little girl, if she said to show mercy, let Ling Jiusheng a way out, this is also a possible situation, but what did he hear? She did not hesitate, but decisively said to kill Ling Jiusheng? This sentence is not like the usual words she would say. The scenery looks cold, but the eyes are unshakable, others do not know, but she knows the end of the story, she will never let anyone hurt her family. Even if the development of the world deviated from the original track from the beginning,aluminium coated tubes, perhaps in the end, there would be different results because of this deviation, but she could not afford to gamble. cbiesautomotive.com