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Suddenly, Long Jun shouted unconvinced, "Tiexue, you are really wily.

Suddenly, Long Jun shouted unconvinced, "Tiexue, you are really wily. I don't know you." What does the head look like? "As long as it's not a pig's head, I'll go and see them. Tong Xiang will greet everyone for me." Help yourself. Tiexue arched his hand and then left laughing. Volume 14 Kyushu Seal Chapter 43 Gathering of the Strong (5) The sky is cut off from the valley and the sky is cut off from the gorge. By this time, the calm of the past had been restored here, only occasionally a few bodies flashed and hurried into the valley. Master Shibo, is this the entrance to Tianjue Valley? A girl jumped out of the dense forest, gasping for breath, looking very tired in Zaozhou. Then a grey-robed old man with white hair appeared behind the girl. Let me see one. The old man held a purple and golden compass in his hand. He looked left and right, but Shaojin pinched his fingers and calculated. Only after a while did he answer affirmatively: "En En, this is the place. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it." The girl wiped the sweat from her forehead, rolled her eyes and said, "I said, Master Shibo, haven't you been here before?" Here, how to calculate to know? Grandfather, if they knew that you used the "fortune plate" to calculate the road, I don't know if they would. Will be angry to come back to life by you! "Don't be rude to the grandfather!" With a straight face, the old man said angrily,inflatable bounce house with slide, "Fang Han, you girl are just like your master, all day long." He is glib and full of nonsense. I've been here once before, but that was twenty years ago. Where is I? Still remember so much. Besides, who stipulates that the "fortune plate" can't be used to calculate the road? " "Yes, yes, yes,Inflatable bouncer, what Shibo said is right, what Shibo said is what, so it's all right!"! At least I It's also handed down from generation to generation. Give me some face! While being taught, the girl generally dug her ears, and her casual attitude made the old man angry and helpless. This girl is clever and eccentric, full of wisdom. She claims to be the heir of Tianjimen. Who else can she be if not Fang Han? And in The old man beside her is Xuanji, the head of this generation of Tianji Gate, known as "Xuanji Old Man". Pray for.. "Let's go, Shibo. The meeting has already started. The meeting of the Hidden Forest is held once every five years. It must be a contest." Lin's meeting is much more lively. The girl's face was full of excitement and she was about to enter the valley when she was pulled by the old man Xuanji. Wait a little longer, and a noble person will come soon. Just as the old man Xuanji spoke, a streamer of light crossed the sky and came slowly. There were five people, three women and a man, with a half-grown girl. They are Wenzong Qing and his disciples. Fu Shuai and his wife, and that little girl is naturally Yue Fan's only flesh and blood. Godfather, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, godmother, is this Tianjue Valley? Whoa! What a big tree! ! And those leaves. ” Xiao Bing looked curiously at the grass and trees around her and exclaimed from time to time. Hehe, this is only the periphery of Tianjue Valley. You have to go through the Duantian Gorge in front of you to enter Tianjue Valley. Yan Yueshi looked around with a smile, but saw an old man and a young man coming from the opposite side. Fang Han!? Seeing the girl's appearance, Yan Yueshi and Fu Shuai took the initiative to go forward with Xiao Bing'er: "How can you be such a girl?" Coming? "Sister Yan, Brother Fu, what a coincidence!"! I didn't expect to meet you here. 。” Fang Han said hello in a careless way, and then stared at Xiao Bing'er in a straight turn: "Hee Hee!"! Little sister Do you remember me? Small ice carefully looked at the other side a few words, and then crisp voice way: "Do not remember." "Where is it?" Fang Han hit a wing Zhao, almost did not stand firm: "Little sister to speak too directly, but I am your father." A good friend. "Oh." Little Binger's lukewarm attitude really frustrated Fang Han, so she had to say something boring and angry. Back to Xuanji old man. Looking at the old man beside Fang Han, Fu Shuai and his wife were awestruck and knew that this man must be Fang Hanshi. Door elder, then hurriedly come forward to see the ceremony. At this time, Wen Zongqing and Quan Qing came from behind. "Xuanji old man, I haven't seen you for twenty years, and you are all right." "Yes, in a flash of twenty years, the fairy has not changed at all, but the old man is getting old." "Originally, with your aptitude, if you practice, your achievements are absolutely superior to mine, but it's a pity that you have entered the secret door." "There is no pity, the secret door is also good, good luck to avoid disaster, calculate the secret, at least let me live a long life." Years old, enjoy the peace of the world. On the contrary, there are many dangers in the realm of spiritual practice. If I had chosen to practice at that time, I might have done it now. It's a pile of bones. "You're right. There's no right or wrong way. It's all up to you." "Oh." A pair of memory pictures flashed in front of their eyes, turning into a sigh, unable to tell whether it was sad or resentful. Wen Zongqing and the old man Xuanji actually had some origins. When Quan Qing saw them, he also made a respectful salute: "The medical immortal is a pulse spring." Qing, I have seen Xuanji senior. To say that this "secret gate" is a clan that has been passed down from ancient times. It is hidden from the world and has never participated in anything. Disputes. Even in the realm of spiritual practice, there are not many people who know about the existence of the "secret gate.". See two people catch up with the old days, Fu Shuai and others pick up the back to one side, wait patiently. Fang Han had the cheek to stay and listened carefully with interest. In a restrained mood, Wen Zongqing asked, "Old man Xuanji, you have never been involved in the affairs of the world. This time you have traveled thousands of miles to come here." What is the purpose of the Hidden Forest Congress? "Alas!" The old man Xuanji looked worried and said, "The nine-pole compass is in the world. I can't help coming here." Ah What!? Do you say the nine great compasses are in the world? !” Wen Zongqing's eyes froze and his heart turned to countless thoughts. These days she has been asking about the rest of Tianya and the outside world. Know very little, naturally do not know the news of the nine great compasses in this world. The old man Xuanji said in distress, "The nine-pole compass is an ancient thing, which involves a wide range of things. In those days,inflatable floating water park, we After Tianjimen got this thing, he never dared to reveal it in front of people. Instead, he had to spend a lot of effort to re-seal it every once in a while. joyshineinflatables.com