Painter's Husband Cultivation

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"Saburo, I think you'd better not know." Liu Qiyao smiled slyly

"Saburo, I think you'd better not know." Liu Qiyao smiled slyly and made a gesture of shutting up to Chunchun. Chunchun understood, and Guo shut up and said no more. However, Li Duyun had already looked at the movements of her master and servant in his eyes. He was not willing to let them go, so he continued to press him and asked, "There is a saying that those who confess will be lenient and those who resist will be severe. My wife should speak out as soon as possible so that I won't be tortured." "I won't say!" Liu Qiyao is never afraid of threats. At the exit, Li Duyun scratched Liu Qiyao's ribs twice. She was caught off guard. With a loud cry of "ah", she jumped into the middle of the road with a laugh. Just then, a carriage was coming. Fortunately, there was still some distance. The horse's head was pulled in time, which only frightened them into cold sweat. Li Duyun hurriedly pulled Liu Qiyao back, secretly rejoicing in his heart. Sister Qiyao, sister Qiyao! Liu Qiyao heard this cry, can not help but be stupefied, but also too coincidental, how to Ezhou will meet her? She followed the voice and saw a hand stretched out from the small window of the carriage that had just almost hit her, waving quickly. It must be Xia Yuyao's hand. Everyone also looked at the hand, only to see it shrink back, the car came "I want to get off", and then, Guo saw a lovely girl with a smile jumping out of the car. She is Xia Yuyao. Before going to Xia Yuyao,inflatable air dancer, Liu Qiyao said to Li Duyun. Li Duyun only stared at Xia Yuyao, and when he took back his sight, he found that Liu Qiyao had greeted Xia Yuyao. The two girls clasped their hands together and cried in the street as if they had not seen each other for many years, but it was only twenty days since their last separation. Sister Qiyao, when did you arrive in Ezhou? Xia Yuyao's voice is also joyful. Liu Qiyao had just gone through the parting, thinking that this time she was passing by alone. She had no intention of finding Xia Yuyao again, but her fate was not over. She had to cheer up and replied, "We arrived the day before yesterday afternoon." Xia Yuyao turned around again and said to the man in the carriage,inflatable floating water park, "Mother, you go back first. I'll walk with Sister Qiyao." The woman on the bus obeyed, leaving the lark and another maid behind. "Be sure to get home before the third watch," she told him. With that, the carriage left. They arrived at the inn together, Li Duyun looked at them with a complicated face, hesitated to speak, sighed, and went back to the room first. Liu Qiyao was only busy talking and laughing with Xia Yuyao, but did not attend to Li Duyun. They went to the hall of the inn, chose a seat near the river, and then ordered a sweet drink. They began to talk about the old days. Xia Yuyao had been holding back for a long time. Because Li Duyun had just walked in front of her, she never asked. Now she was the only one left. She lowered her voice and said, "Sister Qiyao, inflatable castle with slide ,Inflatable indoor park, who is that handsome and tall man? Why are you with him?"? I just feel that you two are very unusual, even the clothes you wear are the same color. Sister, sister, tell me who he is and what kind of relationship he has with you. In fact, she did not need to whisper, nor did she need to lean close to Liu Qiyao, because Li Duyun had already left. When Liu Qiyao heard her question, she chuckled and said, "I tell you, don't annoy me!" "Why should I annoy my sister because of him? That's impossible!" Xia Yuyao answered in all sincerity and seriousness. He is my sister's husband, named Li Duyun. As soon as Liu Qiyao said this, Xia Yuyao was stunned, and it took her a long time to recover. Before that, I still didn't believe that my sister was married, because she didn't have a little woman's breath, which was different from those married women. At that time, I just thought that you cheated me in order to get away, but I didn't think so. I didn't expect that I could see my sister's husband tonight, and he smiled at me. Now I have to believe it. Xia Yuyao's voice is no longer as light as it was just now. "My sister's husband looks really talented. He really matches my sister, especially his eyes. When he smiles, he seems to be able to speak." "Saburo loves to hear people praise his eyes. If you say that to his face, he will be very happy." Liu Qiyao secretly marveled at her ability to observe, is it true that a man will become different? For fear of giving the game away, she only led the words to Li Duyun. "Sister, how can I say that in front of my brother-in-law? I don't have the guts." "I don't believe it!" "Why?" "Don't you need courage to face a hundred men that day?"? How can I lose my courage if I say such a simple thing today? "Sister, you're still talking about that day!" Xia Yuyao pursed her mouth and said angrily. Yes, yes, yes, my sister is wrong. I won't mention it again. Liu Qiyao no longer teased her and asked her solemnly, "by the way, what happened after the election?"? What did your family say? What about yourself? What are you going to do? "What else are you going to do?" Xia Yuyao answered lightly, "Now I can only wait for things to subside slowly, and don't mention the marriage any more. I'm afraid I'm going to wait for a broken flower." "Don't worry, sister. Maybe the marriage hasn't come yet." "How can I not be anxious? I am about to turn eighteen, and people of my age have already been married." Xia Yuyao is now worried about getting married. "Speaking of it, there are many people who come to my house to ask for marriage, but I pick left and right, but I haven't met one who is in line with my heart.". My family had no way to take me, so they let me throw the embroidery ball by myself. "Well, you can't blame it all on your sister," Liu Qiyao said innocently. "I really didn't raise my hands that day. You should have seen that." "I only blame my sister's men's clothes for being too romantic and confusing my eyes." "Don't talk about the useless things in the past. Now you have to cheer up and choose one more carefully." "Now I'm not in that mood, and my family is still laughing at me!" Xia Yuyao drank a sweet drink, "I had to go to Xiangyang with my sisters to find my eldest brother to relax before, their family will be in Xiangyang, and the expected parents do not agree, say what Xiangyang is not safe, I see you go and come again,Inflatable meltdown, where there is no less, I will find a chance to go later." "So your eldest brother is also in Xiangyang!" "Well, my eldest brother is a general and serves in Xiangyang." 。