Cat Travels

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Really rushed Duan Xuan to bed, wake up lying in their own crib, but also tossing and turning difficult to sleep.

Really rushed Duan Xuan to bed, wake up lying in their own crib, but also tossing and turning difficult to sleep. Although she had lost sleep last night. But when I think that I can see my parents tomorrow, I think that I can be tired of acting like a spoiled child in their arms. You can even see the cat that is possessed by you. She was so excited that she couldn't help herself. I haven't been back for so many months, and I don't know if my family is still the same. Have you ever thrown away the nest of ants you raised in the glass tank by your mother? Is your favorite pale orange hand-embroidered dress still hanging on the hanger in the room? Did Dad remember to water a small single-petal rose planted on the balcony? Is his illness better? In the midst of all this confusion. He woke up in a daze and passed out in a daze, hardly knowing when he fell asleep. Duan Xuan lay quietly in bed for an hour, came out to go to the toilet, because he was curious to wake up and did not hear the noise and continue to pull him back to bed, so he went to the guest room to have a look. By the slight light from the window, he saw a black cat curled up on the brocade cushion of the crib sleeping soundly, and there was a faint purring sound. If you just look at the sleeping place, it was no different from the real cat before. Duan Xuan smiled in the dark, originally had oneself to be able to watch the person is one kind of happiness. It was in the middle of the night when I dreamed back, knowing clearly that there was another person breathing in the room, knowing the warmth of someone accompanying me quietly when I was lonely, and knowing clearly that someone was supporting me silently when I was at a loss. Even if such a person is only a cat at this time, for him,collapsible pallet box, they are already comforting each other. Quietly stood for a long time, saw the awakening in the sleep turned over the body, Duan Xuan then crept out. Still unable to sleep, he stood in front of the window in the living room for a moment, looking down at the starry, broken and brilliant lights below,plastic pallet manufacturer, and finally went back to his bed to settle down. The next day, she really got up very early. She opened her eyes at five o'clock in the morning in the still dark sky. However, it seemed that someone had got up earlier than her, and there was already a tinkling sound of bowls and ladles in the kitchen, as well as a faint fragrance of milk, which woke her up. I don't know why, but I feel warm all of a sudden. Is this the taste of home? It's the smell of the morning at home. Unconsciously, she has begun to regard Duan Xuan's home as her other home. My heart is warm, and my eyes are also warm. Although I know that it is not easy for a cat to shed tears, I still go to the balcony to breathe fresh air and calm my mood. Probably because it was too early, probably because the floor was too high, the air in the winter morning was particularly cold and cold, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet crates, and the hot body that had just woken up was caught in the cold air, and all of a sudden it shivered involuntarily. How cold it is! If she hadn't just opened a small window, she would have felt that the wind blowing in from the window could easily blow her away. But the cold also calmed her excitement a little, and then when she shivered, she woke up and shook her tail and could not help hiding in her room. Get up? Have something to eat. Duan Xuan was cleaning the pot where the milk was boiled when he suddenly felt a hairy thing snuggling on his feet. He could not help but lower his head and laugh. "Achoo" answered him with a loud and short sneeze. He woke up as if he had been knocked unconscious by the sudden sneeze. He shook his head inexplicably and looked dizzy. Don't you have a cold? Duan Xuan wiped his hands and picked her up, feeling her body trembling slightly, so he quickly found a thick blanket, wrapped it up and threw it on the sofa, and turned on the air conditioner. "You won't make a mess at the critical moment, will you?"? You're going home to see your parents today, and now you're so excited that you have a cold? Duan Xuan half crouched on the ground and looked directly at the awakened green cat's eyes. "Although I don't know if a cat's cold can be transmitted to people, you should know that it's not polite for me to visit an unfamiliar family with a cat that keeps sneezing, right?"? Besides, in case of infection, do you want your family to catch a cold with you? Awakening can not speak, can only keep shaking his head, but the heart is very disapproving is not a sneeze! Maybe the nose is allergic to cold air when you get up early in the morning. Where is it so easy to catch a cold? "Achoo" she was still there, but a loud sneeze came out uncontrollably, and then one after another, one after another, she herself panicked, looking at Duan Xuan with the eyes of help, trying to throw all the problems to him. I can't do anything about you. Duan Xuan brought hot milk from the kitchen and tried the temperature. It was already cool enough for the cat to eat. So he said to the awakening, "You drink some milk first. I'll find some cold medicine for you and give it to you in twenty minutes." "Whoo" woke up and nodded obediently, but the voice in his throat sounded so strange and pitiful. Duan Xuan looked in the medicine cabinet for a long time, and then stared at several kinds of cold medicine in his hand in a daze, not knowing which kind to feed to wake up. Cats and people are not the same, if the amount of feeding is not right, it may cause more serious consequences than a cold. Stunned for a long time, he had to find a veterinarian phone to pull out the past. Fortunately, it was the 24-hour pet clinic last time, so although it was more than five o'clock in the morning, the phone was quickly picked up. Does the cat of my home have a little cold excuse me? What drug to take better? Duan Xuan has always been polite. A little cold? It's okay not to eat. Cats have a strong ability to heal themselves. The voice on the phone was a little loud, probably because the doctor on night duty was woken up in the middle of his sleep. "If you are worried, you can feed him some amoxicillin, once in the morning and once in the evening, pour out the granules in the capsule and feed one third.". But you'd better bring the cat here and I'll give you some special cold medicine for pets. "Yes, thank you." Duan Xuan hung up the phone,drum spill pallet, hesitated for a while, and went to wake up and said, "Would you like to go to the vet or take amoxicillin now?" "Meow" woke up with a meaningless cry.