A good taste in a foreign land

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In addition to the skeleton, from this mass of flesh and blood

In addition to the skeleton, from this mass of flesh and blood, there rose a faint blue spirit of the dead. He floated in midair and bowed to Blanca as a sign of submission. Blanca was overjoyed to see a skeleton warrior and an undead warrior summoned from the corpse of the mantis demon. Too happy, she waved her fists and shouted, "Ha ha!"! It worked! This time it was a success! Undead magic can finally be used on the corpse of a demon! Now we can summon a whole army of skeletons and undead soldiers! In this way, we were able to make up for our inferiority in strength. The Flame King was also very happy about this. Blanca, excited, decided that without delay, he should convey the news to his Liches as soon as possible, so that they could quickly summon skeleton warriors and undead soldiers from the corpses of the demons to form a new fighting force. Therefore, Blanca immediately said goodbye to Zhang Yu, and then took a big step and ran out quickly. Although the Flame King wanted to stay and chat with Zhang Yu, he also knew that now was not the time to chat. But Zhang Yu did not intend to stay here much, he also took his leave at this time, jumped on his undead bone horse, and galloped toward the entrance of the abyss. The gate of the abyss has long lost the solemnity and solemnity of the past. Although the solemnity and solemnity of the past are also disguised, after all, the Mocha God who guards the gate of the abyss does not look like a solemn and solemn person at all. At this time. Reflected in Zhang Yu's eyes, the door of the abyss was extremely messy, purely like a ruin after the war. There are dilapidated buildings everywhere,Silver Travertine Slabs, and as far as the eye can see, there is a scene of broken walls. The mighty idols that used to stand in the gates of the abyss have lost their heroic images of the past. Or no head, or a broken arm or thigh. Otherwise, the lazy waist is cut off. It was all broken and incomplete, like a pile of broken bricks and mud, and it was everywhere. The gate of the abyss. It has become a dilapidated ruin. Looking at the door of the abyss this messy, like the ruins after the war,Carrara Marble Slab, Zhang Yu could not help frowning. No doubt about it. The reason why the gate of the abyss has become the current ruins is mostly because of the attack of demons. Perhaps, in the abyss the demon spirit, is sneaks in from this place! I don't know. Mocha, the lecherous God who was guarding the gate of the abyss. Are you dead or alive now? Have you ever become a Chinese meal in the belly of demons? "Mocha, mocha," Zhang Yu shouted as he strode toward the gates of the abyss and toward the ruins around him. Are you still alive? Are you still here? If you're alive, if you're still here, just say something. At least we're old friends. Won't you come out and see me? Unfortunately, no matter how Zhang Yu shouted, the ruins of the gate of the abyss were still silent. There was no sound, let alone a squeak. It seems that this Mocha God has either been eaten by demons or has fled. Zhang Yu is not going to call any more. Zhang Yu had come to the door of the abyss by this time. The aqua blue abyss gate. Constantly rippling. It looks like a wall of water standing on the ground. Just as Zhang Yu was about to cross the gate of the abyss. Leave the abyss and return to the human world. A man suddenly crawled out from under the ruins of a pile of broken walls. The man threw away the weeds and bricks and mud on his head, looked at Zhang Yu awkwardly, rubbed his hands and said, "I thought someone was calling me, Granite Slab Supplier ,Grey Marble Slab, but it was Zhang Yu." I thought it was another group of hateful, evil and dirty demons coming. Oh, no, no. The scene you just saw, uh, I think I have to explain. In fact, I am not hiding, I am not afraid of evil spirits. Well, yes, that's right. I just, uh, I just don't want to see the demons. Yeah, that's right. That's right. I just don't want to see them, and I don't want them to see me. You know what I mean? Mocha smiled awkwardly, trying to find a reason for his behavior of hiding in the ruins. Of course, whether anyone will believe this reason or not, he doesn't care about mocha. He just wants to find a reason for himself, so that his heart can feel a little better. After all, it's not a glorious thing to be forced to hide underground by demons. Mocha, the gate of the abyss you are guarding seems to have been badly destroyed. I thought I was in the wrong place when I saw it just now. Zhang Yu stopped and turned around, laughing and teasing Mocha. Mocha was embarrassed to look around, although he wanted to hide, but the situation around him really can not let him hide the past. Mocha sighed, opened his hands with a wry smile, and said, "You have to know that the number of demons is really too much. Although I can fight very well, I can't stand the group fight that they rush up.." I don't think you've seen so many demons! Overwhelming, like the tide in general, constantly pouring in, just killed one, immediately there are two, three came up. You didn't have time to kill him. Fortunately, however, I am smart enough to judge the situation, a look at the situation is not good, I immediately hide. Uh, no, it's an immediate strategic shift. Yes, it's a strategic shift. Save your strength and fight back later! Mocha is really dying to save face and suffering. Everyone already knew what was going on, but he still had to put on an act. He insisted on describing the escape as a strategic shift. For the small abacus of mocha, Zhang Yu felt funny in his heart. But Zhang Yu is very kind, he did not point out, just said: "Mocha, I really did not expect you to stick here.". I thought you were already.. Um. The strategic shift is gone. But to my surprise, you're still here. All right,Calacatta Nano Glass, that's enough! Tough enough! Brother, I admire you! Zhang Yu wanted to escape. But looking at Mocha's face-saving appearance, he simply followed Mocha's words. forustone.com