Phantom Sword Love Flower

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Although the flying money is many, although roars has the sound,

Although the flying money is many, although roars has the sound, but at the end of the note internal force, the intention is only to prevent the other side from attacking from behind. The two strange men stretched out their cuffs with a pair of hands and waved them up and down quickly. The close-in money disappeared one by one. The way of collecting money was light and wonderful without any anger. Ears and reflexes are good. "Better alertness," said the tall man coldly. "Yes, the house has been thoroughly searched, including the cellar in the back." "Why?" Yiping asked calmly. You know it in your heart. "I am at a loss.". Both of you.. Hum! Are the four of you the people who pulled up the mountain and lifted the tripod? Search for what? Two more strange men came out, the same size as the first short strange man. Search for what? Hum! Get out of the way. I want to deal with Shenxiao first. The tone of the tall strange man was extremely hostile. Ha ha ha! I am deeply honored that someone is looking for me. Shen Xiaoke stepped forward slowly and said with a smiling face, "Little brother, just get out of the way. These days, you are a ghost in the limelight. Your reputation has risen and you have become a world-famous man of the hour. It's only fair to let me show my face."! Ha-ha "God Xiao Ke, don't laugh your teeth out, don't laugh your stroke." "Ha ha.." Dude, you see I'm so thin that I only have four taels of meat left. Does that match a stroke? Only people who are full of fat are prone to stroke. Man, what can I do for you? Didn't you buy three catties of wine to entertain me at Hongmen? "You and the God of the Five Mountains, the Rhinoceros, are one of the few remaining senior veterans of Wulin in Jianghu." "Old jade becomes treasure, old people become wormwood, and elders are not worthy of pride." Shen Xiaoke still had a cynical look on his face. "If a tortoise lives for a thousand years, it's still a tortoise. What's the use of being old?" "Your magic flute has 36 bunts, and it is rare to meet an opponent in the martial arts world." "Praise, praise, it's good anyway." "He has been famous for 60 years since he became an old man." "That is also true." Shen Xiao's face is not red. With your reputation, you can't lie. Ha ha, that's hard to say! "Let's talk about you. For example, you killed a man, and a policeman happened to pass by and asked if you had killed him. What did you say?" "This.." "Admit, you have to go to prison, you have to go to the court to pay for your life,Brushless Gear Motor, even if you escape successfully, you also have to file a case in the government.". From now on, you are a fugitive, your son is also a fugitive, your grandson is also a fugitive, eight lifetimes are fugitives, murderers. Are you lying or not? "And you?" I must lie. I must say, "Just now there was a little thief who beat the door stick and carried his mother's uncle on his back. He was killing people for money here. Go after him quickly. It's not too late." "Even said:" I help you chase! That guy is tall and big, and his face is full of flesh. If you can't catch him alone, he will carry you on his back like a mother's uncle. “ "Let me ask you, did you steal the twelve treasures of Master Zhou and Master Zheng?" The tall strange man asked the main question, knowing that the mouth of the bucket would never be able to defeat the human spirit. There you go again, man. "Even if it is me, how dare I admit it?" Said Shen Xiaoke in a strange tone? It is strange that the hundreds of masters who pull out the mountain and lift the tripod do not tear me to pieces. What is more terrible is that he will ask the dog officer to come forward and write all over the world to catch Liang Bin, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm ,Small Geared Motors, the God Xiao guest, with a reward of ten thousand taels, regardless of life or death. Jesus Christ! Will I have a good life? Do you know that those treasures belong to the dog officer? "The man who bought the terracotta figures is a poor old man. Only you can have the ability to enter the hinterland.". There were two treasure chests, one real and one empty, which were placed in the rooms of the two masters. Outsiders only knew that under the supervision of Master Zheng, they were actually under the control of Master Zhou. Inside the triple alert, the fox mouse is also difficult to approach. Outside the triple alert, any stranger can not escape. In addition, the tight guard net outside the courtyard is like an iron wall. Only you, you can shrink the bone skill invisibility. "Grandpa!"! Do you see me as a monster who can change 72 times? "You can flatter me as a divine flute guest. I dare not." Don't laugh and laugh. If I dare to look for you, I won't be afraid of you. Give me the treasure, come and go, so as not to hurt the harmony, or else. Hum That's easy for you to say. ” Shen Xiao Ke patted himself on the head and said, "Shen Xiao Ke, you are so pitiful. You are almost eighty years old, but you are regarded as an idiot. Isn't it sad?" "The old man followed these treasures from Wuchang to Yuezhou. They were stolen from the palm of his hand for no reason. How could he be reconciled.." "This time, you're the poor one, man." The tall monster snorted and unsheathed his sword. Do you give it or not? The tall strange man asked in a harsh voice. The sword was drawn forward, and the dragon was singing faintly. You're imagining things! Shen Xiaoke shook his head with a wry smile and pulled out the flute in his pocket. "It seems that I, Shen Xiaoke, will have a hard time today." The sword and flute pointed, and the eyes of the two men first touched the struggle. It is rare for a master to fight and create a chance to enter. The most common phenomenon is to lure the opponent to expose the empty door and seize the opportunity to strike with a thunderbolt. Both sides are advancing at the same time, and the atmosphere is getting tighter. The three shorter eccentrics were left and right, concentrating on the changes. Yi translation to the side of the road, look gradually dignified. The sound of the sword gradually tightened and the light of the sword came out. Xiao also sends out resonance, which is triggered by the light of the sword. Finally, the tension reached its peak and suddenly broke out. The sword spits out like lightning, the wind gives birth to eight steps, the person sword both advances, the electric rainbow empties the flying shot, the sword light cracks the muscle, potential like an avalanche. The flute suddenly turned back, and the eight tones sounded in unison. Less than three inches from the side of the sword rainbow, which came from the electric beam, it turned and shot out. When it touched, it made a harsh burst of air. The sword rainbow brushed the outside of the right chest of the divine flute guest, and the flute also swept over the outside of the right flank of the strange man. The two sides transposed, then the wind and thunder suddenly rose, both sides turned around to attack, the flashing figure accelerated, each exhibition learned to fight fast, the sword and the flute became more and more urgent, and the wind became more and more fierce. In a moment, three faces and two circles, each side attacked more than ten strokes, and finally in the clear sound of a sword and flute contact,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, the figure suddenly drifted back to the side of the road. Taiqing Shengang! Shen Xiaoke used a thousand catties to stabilize his figure. His face changed and he said, "No wonder you are so aggressive. Fight!" The second round of fierce attack, half a catty. The second round is more fierce and wild.