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Is that all right? Yi Han leaned back on the pillow and said,

Is that all right? Yi Han leaned back on the pillow and said, "It's better than losing your life. This time we were unprepared. We didn't even know we were taken back. We're lucky to be able to escape." In his memory, this action, in addition to him and Leitao, no one walked out of the grassland alive, and second, he and Leitao lived, but also suffered. The hand under the quilt gently stroked the left leg, which was now intact, and he was not attacked by the fire poison and became broken. As soon as Lei Tao thought about it, he couldn't help pushing him when he saw his silent face. He winked and said, "You've got a phone call from home. It seems to be asking you to go on a blind date. Listen to the chief's meaning. You're still a well-educated and reasonable lady. How about the lieutenant? Do you want the brothers to give you a strong prestige?" Yi Han had not yet responded, but he heard a frown behind him, "a phone call from the Yi family?" "Yes, Chief Yi called in person." Lei Tao emphasized, "that's why we know that the other side is a lady of a good family. I heard that Chief Yi said that you deserve others, but they suffer losses." Yi Han's face is expressionless. Lei Tao lamented, "Why is it so hard for you to have an expression?" He patted his buttocks and got up. "All right, now that you're awake, do the check again. Let's go back if it's all right. There are a lot of things in the team. The captain is still in hospital. You, the lieutenant, have to shoulder the responsibility of the team." Before Yi Han lifted the quilt, he got up and said lightly, "I have something to do with the political commissar." "The political commissar has gone to deal with Chief Yi for you." Yi Han pursed his lips and said, "I'll solve this problem. Let the political commissar not bother." Lei Tao said, "Well, I'm going to inform you, lieutenant, when you go on a blind date, don't you really want your brothers to hold you back?" Chapter 7 Meet Lin Ching-wan opened her eyes and slanted her head to look at the window. There was sunlight coming in through the gap in the curtain. She got up and opened the curtain. The sun was shining outside. She could not help exhaling a long breath, and the fatigue between her eyebrows faded a lot. It seems that I had a dream all night, but I didn't remember anything. My brain was confused, and my spirit was worse than before I went to bed. This appearance fell into Lin Su's eyes because he was worried about his work. He sighed slightly and began to think about the connections in his hands. "Grandpa,outdoor palm trees," Lin Qingwan, dressed in a light sportswear, invited him, "shall we go for a walk together?" "Walking is a sport for our old people. You, a young man, run quickly, go around the back street for a while, buy some fried dough sticks, I soak beans, and come back to drink soybean milk for a while." Seeing that Lin Su had no intention of going out, Lin Qingwan could only go downstairs to run by herself. However, compared with running, she is still more accustomed to walking, after all, it is a habit formed in the other world for ten years, which can not be changed for a while. Instead of running around the green area of the community, silk cherry blossom tree ,outdoor ficus tree, she went straight to the back street, waited in line to buy fried dough sticks, and walked back with them, which was half an hour ago. Lin Qingwan, carrying the loaded fried dough sticks, was about to enter the back door of the community when she bumped into a person from the side. She was alert to let her go to the side, and the other party brushed her shoulder directly. He turned his head slightly to look at Lin Ching-wan, the tip of his tongue could not help licking his lips, but as soon as he looked up at Lin Ching-wan's cold eyes, he was stunned, lowered his head with a guilty conscience, and left quickly. Lin Ching-wan touched her wallet and cell phone in her pocket and frowned slightly. Everything was still there. This man didn't touch her pocket just now. What did he bump into her? Lin Ching-wan's intuition was already sensitive, and when she came back from the other world, her sixth sense became more accurate, and she could feel that this person was malicious to her. Qingwan, what else do you want to buy? Seeing Lin Ching-wan always staring at the front, a neighbor couldn't help but look up and ask, "What are you looking at?" Lin Qingwan withdrew her eyes as if nothing had happened and said with a smile, "It's nothing. I just seem to see an acquaintance. Aunt Zhang, do you also come to buy fried dough sticks?" "Yes, the fried dough sticks in the back street are very delicious. People in our community love to buy them here, so it's normal to meet acquaintances." "Yes, I just thought that person looked familiar, but I couldn't remember who it was. By the way, Aunt Zhang, besides our neighborhood, where else do people like to come here to buy fried dough sticks?"? I think there are still a lot of people getting off the bus. ” "Oh, there are two office buildings around the back street, where people also like to buy some food here. The food here is much more delicious and cheaper than theirs. So when it comes to working hours, there are a lot of people queuing up. You don't know how little you are at home. Your grandfather knows best.". Like today, if you come ten minutes later, it will be gone when it's your turn. Lin Qingwan smiled and nodded, but her eyes caught a glimpse of the man turning a corner and disappearing. She lowered her eyes and thought about it. She said goodbye to Aunt Zhang and went back with the fried dough sticks. Perhaps it is used to being cautious in the other world, even if this is a safe society ruled by law, Lin Ching-wan still feels a little uneasy. She plans to go to the mall to buy some defensive things later. In the place where Lin Ching-wan could not see, the man leaned against the wall and exhaled deeply, putting away the thin needle hidden in his fingertips, feeling infinite regret in his heart, and almost got it, so rich in the golden light of merit, if he could get her blood. Lin Su just put down the phone and saw his granddaughter coming back. He immediately waved and said, "It's just right to come back. We had breakfast and went to see your Grandpa Yi." Lin Qingwan froze, apparently did not expect so soon, "not to say that he is in the army, time is so free?" "His unit is somewhat special. When he is not free, he really can't help himself, but he also has a lot of free time." Lin Ching-wan raised her eyebrows. "What kind of special troops?" Lin Su said with a smile, "You may go further in the future. Let him tell you." Lin Su has been away from the army for decades, but he has his own source of information, not to mention that when he was in the army, he had heard the designation of that unit and knew its particularity. This is also one of the important reasons why he prefers to be cold. The child has a good character and a good character. The only shortcoming is that his family is not harmonious. But he is in this special army, and his family's influence on him is minimized. Is easy to ask Kou, also can't manage to easy cold body,Faux cherry blossom tree, when the Zhou family for his plan, is also well-intentioned. Lin Su and Yi Wenkou had differences in their early years and quarreled fiercely. Although they would talk on the phone from time to time, they seldom met.