The Eunuch Poisoned Wife Is Happy

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Tang angrily clapped away his salty pig hand, "you die of that heart.".

Tang angrily clapped away his salty pig hand, "you die of that heart.". You are the body of the young master, the life of the eunuch, you don't want to think about adding a son to your family. Ew.. Before Tang had finished speaking, he felt extremely uncomfortable in his chest and retched. [126] Four Pregnant Women (III) Updated: September 1, 2013 23:30:35 Words in this Chapter: 3535 Tang angrily clapped away his salty pig hand, "you die of that heart.". You are the body of the young master, the life of the eunuch, you don't want to think about adding a son to your family. Ew.. Before Tang had finished speaking, he felt extremely uncomfortable in his chest and retched. The sudden reaction of Tang Wansan made Jun Jiluo cross his mind and say in surprise, "Wansan, do you have it?" Tang Wansan heart a sudden, very not easy to suppress the nausea in the heart, eyes a squint, vicious stare at a perpetrator, "impossible!" There's no way she's pregnant. Even if you're pregnant.. She also tried to abort it. Jun Ji Luo's salty pig hands rubbed restlessly on her stomach, with an obsequious smile on his face. "You're going home, aren't you?"? Let's go back now. This is so shameless. Tang was so angry that he felt angry. "I suddenly feel good here. I don't want to go." She wanted to go back before, but he had to leave her here. Now it seems that she may be pregnant,Vegetable oil filling machine, and she will be invited back immediately. How can there be such a black man in the world. When Junjiluo saw that her little face was heavy and her face was sullen, he chuckled and coaxed her, "Wansan, giving birth to a child for me is actually a loss at all.". You said our first child was a daughter. She'll be as cute as you. Then I can protect your mother and daughter, and your brother, disciple An, can finally be an uncle. I believe he will be a good uncle. If you give birth to a son, then we can protect you together. You see,liquid bottle filling machine, if you give birth to a child, you will not suffer at all. All Tang turned his head and snorted coldly, "I told you not to treat me as a fool.". One of my eunuch wives can get pregnant and give birth to a child. When the time comes, people will either suspect that I am cheating on you or that you are a fake eunuch. If I am suspected of cheating, I dare to cuckold you for nine thousand years. Then I'm going to be the first married woman in Xiao. He also said that he wanted Zi An to be his uncle. When I see Anzi walking in the street, it's good not to be reviled and spat. If you are suspected of being a fake eunuch, then we will all cut off your head together. Tang Si Si said here, and finally concluded, "You Jun Ji Luo's child is too precious, I can't afford it.". If you want to give birth, you can find another woman to give birth to you. Jun Ji Luo's eyes are as deep as a deep pool. He suddenly grinned, raised his eyes gently, and said with a charming smile, juice filling machine ,water filling machine, "Wansan, your husband has no conditions to create conditions for you to be born.". Don't say it's just one child, even if it's eight or ten, as long as you want to have one. I have a way to make them live. 1” He looked like he had a plan in his mind, which made Tang feel a little curious, so he asked, "What do you want?" King Gilo smiled slyly. "Thanks to the regent.". How can I give him a big gift when he brought you here. You obediently listen to my words, if really pregnant with a child, then we let go of the belly to give birth. Tang Wansan couldn't figure out what he was doing. But one thing she knew very well was that Murong Juncang was really unlucky to get into trouble with Jun Ji Luo. Doctor Gao has been giving him needles for half a month in a row, but Murong Juncang, who has been showing a bad image to the outside world, still has to endure. I don't know if his good legs will be destroyed by the doctor Gao Shenyi. Tang showed his position again, "Don't hit me in the stomach.". If you want a child, you can find another woman. I'm not going to give you a baby. Junjiluo reached out and rubbed his smooth chin, his eyes narrowed into two slits, and his eyes stared faintly at Tang's still flat lower abdomen. Hey hey, have jumped into the fire pit, but also try to run away? Hey, his little lady is really cute. Knock! Then the door rang, and the voice of the maid came from outside. "Madam, the Regent wants to see you.". ” Junjiluo and Tang looked at each other. Junjiluo walked straight to the door and reached out to open the door. The maid was not surprised at all when she saw Junjiluo. On the contrary, she was very respectful to pay his respects. "I'll accompany you to see Murong Juncang." He looked back and said to her with a smile. Looking from the corner where Tang was sitting, behind Junjiluo was a canna in full swing in the yard. The canna matched his handsome face, which was particularly pleasing to the eye. Tang had a moment of stupefaction, and a strange idea floated in his mind. If she was really pregnant, would the child she gave birth to have such a handsome face as Junjiluo. The thought just flashed by quickly. She stood up from the bed, adjusted her clothes, and said with a smile, "No.". I'll go by myself, and I don't want to give you a baby. Don't take me back either. After leaving a message, Tang asked the maid to lead the way and left the room. In the living room. Murong Juncang has made tea and is waiting for her. A rustling sound of footsteps came, Murong Juncang looked up in the past, Tang has come. I haven't seen you for more than a month. But her complexion is extremely good, her upper part of the body wears the pear white smoke gauze unlined upper garment, under the cover emerald green smoke gauze scattered flower skirt, the meandering mops the floor, the plain small face muscle if congeals the fat, the gas if the orchid. She came at a leisurely pace, fresh and natural. Murong Juncang's eyes brightened slightly, and suddenly he felt that Junjiluo's eyes were really good. People all think that Tang Yunran is as beautiful as a fairy, and the daughter of the Tang family, set off by Tang Yunran, is only "more than delicate and pretty". But now it seems that Tang is also good. It's just that her face wasn't fully open before. And in terms of temperament, Tang Wusan,PET blow moulding machine, the daughter of the Tang family, is naturally several grades higher than Tang Yunran. After Tang gave Murong Juncang a salute, he did not politely sit down opposite him and smiled elegantly. "The Regent suddenly came to look for him today. What's the matter?" 。