Douro Continent 2 Peerless Tangmen

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Where do they know, Xu Sanshi four people with long-distance transmission

Where do they know, Xu Sanshi four people with long-distance transmission direct airborne, from inside to outside to launch an attack, the soul teacher legion and the division of forces, the strongest group of soul teachers were Huo Yuhao with hostages to exterminate at the first time. Most of them are only the soul teachers of the Second Ring Road and the Third Ring Road. How can they stop a large number of ferocious hostages! As for why the hostages disappeared so quickly. This is another layout of Huo Yuhao. Chapter 384 save the South Water. The city of Sunrise is surrounded by plains. It is difficult to rush out of the city with hostages, but there is still a possibility of realization. This was judged at the Poseidon Pavilion meeting of Shrek Academy before departure. But the most troublesome thing is how to get out after breaking through. How easy is it to escape from the endless Great Plains? Especially when the hostages have suffered some physical damage, it is certainly unscientific to run for a long time. As a result, Shrek Academy made a bold and expensive decision. If the plain wants to get out of the enemy's sight as soon as possible, there is only one direction, speed! Only with amazing speed can we break away from the pursuit in the shortest time. How to speed up the hostages? Flying Horcrux! This time, Huo Yuhao, they brought a total of eight hundred flying Horcruxes. Although they are all the lowest and even a little rough. But it is the result of the full support of the Shrek Academy, the Xingluo Empire and the Tianhun Empire. The eight hundred flying Horcruxes were arranged in advance by Xu Sanshi in the wilderness where they were waiting for action. As soon as the hostages break out of the siege, they wear these flying Horcruxes. Modern soul division, although there are many who reject the soul guide, but most of them still have some contact, after all, in the four rings can experience the feeling of flying, who does not want? Therefore, the flying Horcrux is the Horcrux that the Horcruxes have the most contact with. It is not without contact, but after all, it is a minority. But the soul division to the flight soul guide's adaptability is quite strong, even if has not used, slightly tests, also can use reluctantly. Each flying Horcrux was matched with a map, and then the Tangmen people made a big move. Disperse and evacuate. All the hostages, all in Zongmen and college as a unit, flying in different directions to evacuate,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, but their destination is only one, that is, Huo Yuhao rented the seaport city. Only by walking from the sea can we break through. This is Huo Yuhao's complete rescue plan. The speed with which the hostages broke through was absolutely amazing. In fact, even Xu Sanshi themselves did not expect that the destructive power of the four of them was so strong. Without the obstruction of those strong people in the soul mentor group, the ordinary soul mentor meets them at close range, which is like an egg hitting a stone. This is also an important reason why the hostages were able to defeat the position of the soul teacher in an instant. The vassal soldiers on the periphery face the soul teacher, which is a unilateral massacre. The whole process took less than five minutes, and the position was completely destroyed. But the east and west sides of the city of the soul teacher position because all divided forces to rescue and explore the north city situation, simply did not have time to rescue. It can be said that Huo Yuhao's plan is almost perfect, at least the hostages have now taken off and disappeared into the vast night. In the whole process, he mastered several nodes very well, making a feint to the east and attacking in the west, and attacking in the north, east and west at the same time. Although the enemy will consider him as a diversion, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic extraction cbd, the location of the water dungeon is too secret, which will also give the people of the Holy Spirit religion something to rely on. Even the two soul guides stationed outside the city and the city defense forces did not know that so many soul masters were detained in the water dungeon. With Ma Xiaotao's cooperation, making a feint to the east and attacking in the west played the biggest role. Diverting the moat water to launch the ice explosion is the second node, from the attack inside the water dungeon to the rush out of the water dungeon. This time control is too short. If it is forced to rush outward, it will also destroy the side of the water dungeon, and in the case of the moat outside, it will greatly interfere with the route and time for the hostages to leave. But Huo Yuhao abruptly explodes a road, and freezes the moat, which saves too much time. Next, whether it is Huo Yuhao's mental interference, Xu Sanshi's long-range basalt replacement, all saved the time of the whole operation. Therefore, from the start to the end, all add up to only about a quarter of an hour to complete the whole breakthrough process. Saint, what to do? Zhong Litian looked at Ma Xiaotao. Ma Xiaotao snorted angrily, "what should I do?"? You can explain to the religious leader yourself. With that, she turned and flew into the city. Three elders and four elders looked at each other, sighed at the same time, the enemy has Hongfei, the plain is not easy to run, but with their current manpower, really go after it? So six people, catch up, what if you fall into the trap? Who knows what kind of existence it is to save people this time. They can judge the strength of the hostages, but they can't judge who came to rescue the hostages. At this time, a blue light shadow has appeared in the air, hundreds of blue light, converging like a galaxy, quickly toward the south side of the city. Nobody move, or you will be killed. A vigorous and powerful voice resounded over the whole south city. Even Ma Xiaotao, who was just about to fly to the city, had to stop. The hundreds of shadows came so fast, almost in a twinkling of an eye, that they surrounded all the evil soul masters. A blue light interweaves into a big net in the air in an instant, enveloping Ma Xiaotao, the three elders, the four elders and the three brothers of Zhong Li. Don't do it, it's one of us. Said Zhong Litian hurriedly, taking out a token from his bosom as he spoke. We have seen clearly that these people with flashing blue light on their bodies, each with a flying Horcrux behind them, wearing a black suit, with a huge blue eye pattern on their chest. This group is not just a decoration, it seems to be made of metal. The blue light we saw before is the flashing of these eye patterns. Those big blue eyes, with deep pupils, although only patterns,ultrasonic spray nozzle, still seem to be able to devour everything, around the pupils, there are countless dark blue light lines similar to blood. Evil King Soul Mentor Group.